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Friday, October 13, 2006

Truman Capote Parties from the Grave

Two movies have come out about Truman Capote in one year. I was wondering if something in his chart would indicate this upsurge in popularity.

Truman Capote
b. Sept. 30, 1924 15:00 New Orleans, LA

Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Aquarius Rising

1) Neptune rules movies and it's in his 1st House. That's a no-brainer.

2) He's having or will shortly have 3 Returns this year: Progressed Moon (Public); Uranus in House 1 (How you appear to the world); Jupiter in H10 (How the World Sees You).

3) His Nodes are very prominent in his natal Chart. They are angular and are aspecting many planets. Venus-Neptune conjunct NN in H7 in Leo. Mars conjunct SN in H1 in Aquarius. The North Node in Leo projects out to others well through others. It disposits to the Sun which is in the 8th house of being able to project out from beyond one's Death.

4) Both His prog. Sun and prog. Venus are about to change signs, Sun on the last degree of Sagittarius and Venus on the last degree of Scorpio. Don't know if this is relevant but if he were alive I would tell him that his self expression is changing to a much more sombre Saturnian tone.

5) His Progressed ASC is conjunct his Taurus IC at the very bottom of the chart. Ruler of this House is Venus. Progressed Venus is exactly opposite on his MC. This shows a shift of the energies of the angles to the following angle. The IC rules end of life and one's inner most self. The MC rules the outer most self. They are now being aspected by elements from the 1st House and 7th House angles. Both of these films deal with the same subject matter, Capote's writing of "In Cold Blood" and talk about the struggles he went through researching and representing murderers. I haven't seen the 2d movie yet but the first showed the contrast between Capote's frivolous social life and the subject matter which he was writing about and also the deceptive relationship he kept with the murderer in order to get needed information from him. Supposedly he was never able to write another book. The public is now able to see the struggle presented by his 1st-7th house relationships as a struggle between interior and exterior elements of himself.


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