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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Patricia Dunn

Patricia Dunn was one of the head haunchos at Hewlett Packard who is caught in the middle of a Corporate Scandal regarding spying on Media and leaking information to the Press. She recently left H-P- because of the scandal but probably also due to her struggle with Ovarian Cancer.

Her birth information according to Wikipedia and BusinessWeek:

Patricia Dunn
March 27, 1953 Las Vegas, NV

Her Sun is in Aries, maybe unaspected. This could make a lady very aggressive. Very direct and forthright but, if unaspected, there will be some insecurity underneath that drives this aggression and may cause a person to act rashly and offend people. The sign of the Ram so she will just charge in and take over. Her Sun Sign is ruled by Mars which disposits to and is conjunct Venus in Taurus. This is the only aspect that her Mars makes to any other planets in her chart so it continues to show an aggressive streak at a deeper level especially in regards to Taurus types of activities like handling resources, especially money. This would be very good for business, especially as it's so difficult for a woman (Venus) to make it ahead in the corporate world which is predominately male (Mars). It also gives her great charm. She definitely is a person who goes after what she wants.

Her Pluto in Leo which shows how much power she actually has. It disposits to her Sun which is very powerful and it is involved in two geometric configurations. One of these is as apex of a Yod. It is inconjunct Chiron (wounding) in Capricorn (business) and Mercury (communication) in Pisces (psychic abilities). The Yod is called the Finger of God. It can show a complicated inheritance (through family lines as Karen Hamaker-Zondag describes) of problems. In this case Pluto's meaning is clear because she's been named among the most powerful women in business. Chiron shows some kind of wound which she can't heal and Mercury in Pisces shows a tendency to "miscommunicate." The Second configuration involving Pluto includes the inconjunct. It is a Trapezoid shape involving two squares (Pluto to Jupiter and Neptune-Saturn to Chiron) with Pluto sextiling Neptune-Saturn in Libra and Jupiter trining Chiron. Mercury is sextiling these last two to visually create a sort of Chinese Take-Out box. I don't have a clue how to interpret this configuation except that it involves all the business planets and probably indicates a great ability to draw from many different sources at the same time. Hewlett Packard's business has completely turned around under her leadership. (Strikingly spooky is that the "empty Leg" so to speak across from this Mercury at 21 Pisces is Fiorina's Sun at 14 Virgo. Her Sun is also squaring Fiorina's Mars, a very competitive aspect)

Right now, in addition to this Corporate Scandal and Criminal Charges, she is about to undergo treatment for Ovarian Cancer from which she has suffered for a number of years. Saturn and maybe her Progressed Moon are passing over her Pluto while transiting Pluto trines from Sagittarius. This natal Pluto, of course, is also being hit by the t-square opposite Neptune and squaring Jupiter. Her Mercury and maybe even her Moon (in Virgo?) were aspected as well by the recent Eclipse in September. Jupiter will move into Sagittarius at the beginning of the year and trine her natal Sun which she greatly needs. Depending on its true placement, her progressed Moon will be making a return to her natal Moon which should bring up some emotional problems. May she focus all this incredible energy and have a successful treatment for her health and a full recovery.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be great if you could add the charts so we could have a visual.

Perhaps the point in Virgo opposite Pisces Mercury shows a fatal flaw. Maybe Dunn doesn't pay attention to detail, for example, and so she was caught.

11:42 PM  

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