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Sunday, November 12, 2006

DVD Recommendation

I was lucky enough to rent a DVD by Rick Levine called "Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit and Our place in the Cycles of History." In it he relates the evolution of scientific thought with astrology and also discusses the major aspects of the outer planets and shows how their major aspects and cycles compares with events in Human History.

Some interesting highlights about the planetary cycles:

The Pluto cycle is the slowest of all the planets; it's cycle last about 250 years.

The Saturn cycle takes about 28-29 years and it's effects are the most obvious.

Saturn rotates about 9X per every Pluto orbit; that's 3X a century, about every 33 years and often shows clashes in civilization. 2001 was such a year.

The Uranus cycle is 84 years.

The Neptune cycle is 165 years.

there are 2 Uranus cycles to every 1 Neptune cycle and they align once very 172 years. These conjunctions are often related to advances in art, science and technology. The Last one was in 1993 and corresponds with the invention of the Internet. The one before that was in 1821 and corresponds with the development of Electromagnetism. In 1906 when the two planets were in opposition, Einstein developed the new physics. This brought a new understanding about Matter, Time and Space. The idea that Matter is Light.

The Uranus-Pluto alignment happens every 130 years.

In 1965 there was a triple alignment between Saturn opposite Pluto and Uranus. There was a change of consciousness (at least for a while) and a technological leap when IBM put out the first business computer.

In 1455 There was a Uranus-Pluto conjunction followed in 1479 by a Uranus-Neptune conjunction. This was the time of the Renaissance. 1455 is the year that Gutenberg mass produced the Bible.

Anyhow, the Levine gives a much broader and spiritual explanation. Video is highly recommended.


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