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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pregancy, Coma, Last Rights, WakeUp, Twins

Whew! This was supposed to be a chatty little story on the theme of Gemini but it seems that every time I try to study any chart involving that sign all the themes explode into new themes and ideas scatter. Guess that's the idea of Gemini, even when you're trying to write a couple of simple paragraphs.

I'm looking at charts of people who've fallen into comas (Neptune, Aries) and wake up out of them after all hope is lost. All the news stories are amazing to say the least but, of course, no one thinks to give the patient's birthdates so I've been at a loss as to how to read the astrology. These are miracle stories, kind of Uranian. Quick, inexplicable, surprising events.

One story I noticed involved Maria Lopez, a pregnant 25-year old woman living in Los Angeles, CA who passed into a coma while she was pregnant due to a preexisting condition in her brain. Doctors performed a surgery to try to untangle the mess but when she failed to respond after a few weeks they felt certain she had no future. Her family decided to remove her from life support along with her unborn twins because they were too small. They called in a priest to perform the last rites, he put his hand on her forehead and she opened her eyes and coughed. Needless to say, her family decided to keep her hooked up. She was weaving in and out of her coma for the next couple of weeks and came out of it fully on June 9, 1999. She gave birth through cesarian section to her twin daughters, Arizandy Leann and Brianna Angel on June 15, 1999.

I, of course, could only think of the wonders of Astrology. Suffering a Coma and giving birth to twins while the Sun is in Gemini. What a multi-tasker. How Gemini. I don't have Maria Lopez's birth information so I'm only looking at the transits as they were occurring in relation to this event. This is stupid, I know. Everyone alive at that moment experienced these same transits and didn't go through anything even close to this. Even so, I think there is some good information here.

According to Max Heindel, Aries/Mars rules matter related to the Brain and Neptune rules matters related to Comas.

The Retrogrades. First off, I noticed that Mercury never went retrograde during Mrs. Lopez's coma. Mars, however, was going through a long transit in Scorpio and had gone Retrograde about a month before she went into her Coma. It passed back into Libra and turned direct just before she came out of the coma. And it was within orb of squaring Retrograde Neptune in Aquarius most of the time. Scorpio rules Reproductive Organs so maybe Hormones were the culprits that set off brain.

Other retrograde Planets: Uranus (and also Neptune) in Aquarius; Pluto in Sagittarius; Chiron in Sagittarius back to 30 Scorpio.

April 24, 1999: Maria Lopez lapses into Coma. Neptune in Aquarius is apex of a t-square to Sun-Saturn opposite MarsR. Mars is singleton in Water. Venus in Gemini opposite Pluto. Pluto c. Chiron, both Retrograde, in Sagittarius. Uranus c. South Node in Aquarius. Mercury and Jupiter in Aries. Aries rules fevers and the brain.

May 17, 1999: Priest called in to perform the last right. Mercury in Leo has recently squared Saturn showing a difficult decision. Mercury is squaring Uranus and the Nodes now. A Mental Flash, a Surprise. Mars has retrograded back into Libra and is opposite Jupiter in Aries. Pluto is at an apex of a Yod with Venus in Cancer on one end and Saturn in Taurus on the other end. The chart is remarkable for its 4 inconjuncts. Things just are not always what they seem when an inconjunct is involved.

June 9, 1999: Fully out of coma. Moon c. Jupiter in Aries opposite Mars in Libra Direct. Mrs. Lopez had had a surgery to remove fluids on her brain a few days before, imagine it helps to have Mars in an Air Sign for this type of thing. Sun trine Mars and Uranus. Pluto, Lilith and Chiron in conjunction over Sagg/Scorpio cusp. Saturn squaring Uranus/Nodes.

June 15, 1999: The Twins are born completely healthy, Sun in Gemini, sign of the Twins. Moon in Cancer, maybe conjunct Mercury. Venus is conjunct the North Node in Leo opposite Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius. Venus is also opposite Neptune in Aquarius. I suppose this is a perfect signature for a Miracle!


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