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Thursday, November 23, 2006

What happens when You Have a Lunar Eclipse on Your Solar Return? Lynndie England

Lynndie England, Poster Girl for Bad Army Conduct. Turned her relationship with Charles Grainer (can't find his birth info) into a sexcapade involving the entire Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

b. Nov. 8, 1982.
Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Jupiter in Scorpio H6, Moon in Leo H4, 15 Gemini Rising.

She joined the army in 2001 while still in high school. She had walked out of her job in a Chicken Packing Plant because they were processing rotten chicken. During that year she had a Nodal Return with Jupiter and Progressed ASC conjunct, Saturn was opposite Pluto right on her ASC/DESC line and Uranus was on her MC opposite her Moon. I read what is supposedly her first interview since being sent to jail in the English Marie-Claire magazine (the link is available through her Wikipedia listing) where she claims that she was having a really kinky relationship with Grainer. She was certainly due for both tough relationship issues and unpopular and bizarre exposure through career with these transits hitting the angles in her chart. The Saturn-Pluto opposition would have affected her very strongly as she has a conjunction to the degree of those two planets in her natal chart (in Libra H5).

The photograph where she is seen with the naked pyramid of prisoners (I think she is grinning and maybe whipping them) was taken on her Birthday in 2003. One of the pictures was used as a screen saver on one of the prison computers. I believe this was it. Her aspects for this day are wild. Saturn was conjunct her North Node and in her Solar Return chart it was exactly conjunct the Ascendant in a Grand Trine with Mars in H9 and the Sun in H5. That's as military an aspect as you could get. It also contains a Full Moon c. the Nodes meaning: there was a Total Lunar Eclipse the next day on Nov. 9!!

Lynndie England gave birth to a Son, Carter Allan England on Oct. 11, 2004 21:25 Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC
Court Martialled on January 2005. Plead guilty on April 30, 2005.

Charles Grainer was found guilty on Jan. 14, 2005. He has since married another Guard from Abu Ghraib, Megan Ambuh. His first wife, Staci Graner, was supposedly born 2 years, 17 days before Lynndie England so I guess that means he likes Scorpios.


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