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Monday, November 13, 2006

Barfing and Bloodlines

Read in the paper about the Bush-Clinton Comedy Duo. Apparently the two ex-Presidents have found a lucrative post-Presidential Gig touring together. People pay lots of money to see them hold hands in Bipartisan comeraderie. That's great. They make the crowds laugh. I'm all for anything that Clinton does as long as long as I'm not in the same room with him while he's doing it with a cigar.

One of Bush's jokes centers around how 14 years after the fact the most memorable event of his presidency seems to always end up being the time that he spewed sashimi on the Premier of Japan. He also passed out. Having a petty mind, I thought I'd report on the aspects for that day.

So I investigated the fateful day, Jan. 8, 1992. Aspects are bad. Nervous stomachs can be attributed to Mercury and its sign, Virgo, and to the Moon which rules Cancer. Bush has Virgo ruling his First House, a major Health House. Jupiter was transiting over this point, squaring Mercury on one end and Jupiter in the 4th house (Cancer's house) along with transiting Venus. Jupiter also rules the 4th house cusp. 12th House rules chronic and/or inexplicable health conditions, poisonings, passing out. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter were doing a wahtoosee (sp?) on his digestive system. His Natal Nodes span the health Houses 12 and 6 with Progressed Sun (vitality) conjunct NN and transiting Moon c. SouthNode/Natal Mars. I remember he that emphatically declared his dislike of Broccoli. I suspect that he also does not like Raw Fish. Dude didn't have a chance of making it through that dinner.

(also: t.Mars and Mercury were conjunct in H4. Venus c. Jupiter in H4 squaring ASC-T.Jupiter. Prog. Sun c. natal NN in H12, opposite Mars and squaring t. Mercury. Progressed Moon c. n.Chiron in H8 opposite n. Moon squaring Venus in Cancer, in astrolocality his Chiron line runs closest to Japan.)


More interesting, I also noticed that within the Bush Family there is a succession of powerful politicians born within successive Sun Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer. Prescott Bush, a Senator, was a Taurus. Then there is George Bush, ex-President, who is a Gemini. Then there is George W. Bush, President, who is a Cancer. Their Sun Signs "succeed" each other. As the Sun rules Royalty in a Chart and the Bushes have sort of set up a Dynasty of Royalty within the U.S. this explains the otherwise inexplicable "Reign of Monarchs."

I was wondering if there was a relationship between their progressed Suns and their Natal Suns. It works out! Each Son was born on the date (within a degree) of his Father's Progressed Sun!

Here are the Mechanics relating Progressed Suns/Natal Sun relationships to this Royal American Family that defies Democratic Voting procedures and Popularity Polls:

Prescott Bush b. May 15, 1895 Columbus, OH
Sun at 24+ Taurus
Prog. Sun at 22+ Gemini in 1924 when his Son (Sun?!!) George born in 1924
Prog. Sun at 13+ Cancer in 1946 when his Grandson, George W. born in 1946

George Bush b. June 12, 1924 11:24 am Milton Hill, MA
Sun at 21+ Gemini
Prog. Sun at 12+ Cancer in 1946 when his Son, George W., born in 1946

George W. Bush b. July 6, 1946 7:26am New Haven, CT
Sun at 13+ Cancer


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