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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Dark Side of Scorpio

Now that the Sun is on the last degree of Scorpio I'll post a chart of one of the darker folks from this sign.

He's our Poster Boy for Bad Psychiatry (or at least one of them), the Lobotomy Doctor, Walter Freeman. Freeman performed 3,000 lobotomies on patients many of whom he misdiagnosed in the first place just to be able to perform his surgery. Supposedly he was quite a showman and egomaniac, loved to have an audience while he "performed". Freeman was put out of business by Thorazine (Neptune) which seemed more humane, er, less permanent. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign after all. Scorpios can focus so hard on one thing that they want to do that they will become narrow minded. They can be great surgeons because of this trait, but Surgeons aren't know to have the best bedside manner in the world. Often they have to remind themselves to look at the patient to see how he's doing. Also, Surgery changes things permanently, very Scorpion.

Dr. Walter Freeman
b. Nov. 14, 1895 Philadelphia, PA

Sun, Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Venus in Scorpio.
Pluto conjunct Neptune in Gemini.
Pluto squaring the Nodes (NN in Pisces) and inconjunct Saturn.

The great astrologer Noel Tyl calls the Pluto-Neptune contacts a sort of "Wipe-Out." No kidding. The good Doctor would stick a knife or pole in the patients frontal lobe and wiggle it around until they became incoherent. Do not try this at home on your own. Be wary of this type of Scorpio.


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