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Monday, December 04, 2006

Morihei Ueshiba "O Sensei"

Today is the Gemini Full Moon, the Sun is in Sagittarius. Quite by accident, or because I had just looked at Geronimo's chart (Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon), I picked up a book from a library shelf called "Invincible Warrior" by John Stevens. It's the biography of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of the Martial Art of Aikido. Morihei happens to have been born on or close to the Gemini Full Moon which is the opposite of Geronimo's Full Moon (within about 3-4 degrees). So I thought I would mention his chart now. I can't do it full justice but feel compelled to make this entry while the Moon is Full. Apparently this is a very good time to battle things out.

Morihei Ueshiba
b. Dec. 14, 1883 Tanabe, Japan

Morihei's Sun is at 22 Sagittarius, Moon is at 22 Gemini in the noontime chart. "O Sensei" means "The Great Teacher." One of the classic Sagittarius keywords.

North Node is at 3 Scorpio. Astrotheme gave a Libra NN same as Geronimo which may or may not be correct, it certainly fits his style of fighting which advocates non-violence. Aikido literally means "The Art of Peace." I simply can't make the chart roll off the silicon chip with anything but a Scorpio NN.

Morihei was born premature but quickly became known for both his physical strength and speed. Sun in Sagittarius trine Mars in Leo and square Uranus in Virgo certainly shows strength and vitality. He trained from the time he was a young man to develop endurance and strength, toughening his skin by pouring cold water on himself and ramming his head against hard objects (Aries Rising?). He was born well off and pursued a few different lives (army, family, settling a new town) before his Great Spiritual Awakening at Age 42. He had practised the Martial Arts and followed various Religions, Onoto-kyo among them, before this and had had his first mystical experience in 1903 during a fire ceremony before entering the Army.

But, His first great vision came in 1942 when he would have been experiencing his Uranus Opposition. Uranus is the most aspected planet in his chart and one his teachers, Nao Deguchi, was an Aquarius. His Uranus is at 28 Virgo squaring his Sun and Mercury at 2 Capricorn on one side and is maybe opposing his Moon (so possibly apex of a t-square with Major planets). It is also trining his Pluto-Chiron conjunction at 30 Taurus and his Saturn at 6 Gemini. His progressed Sun at this time was also well into Aquarius, amplifying the Uranian energy. The Old Schools and Governments of Japan had been broken down due to Wars and Famines and many new trends in thinking and spirituality were developed which centered around returning to the common man, to the land through agriculture and farming. Early on these were considered rebellious and anti-government but by Morihei's time were being developed into whole new and better ways of thinking.

Morihei had 3 Visions which contributed to the development of Aikido. The first Vision came after he defeated a naval officer's attacks with a bokken (don't know what that is). He fought unarmed and didn't hurt his opponent. "The secret of Aikido is not in how you move your feet, it is how you move your mind. I'm not teaching you martial techniques. I'm teaching you non-violence."

Mind Control was an important aspect of his art which is probably typical of all Martial Arts. In Morihei's Chart Mercury is in Capricorn at the apex of a Yod to Pluto-Chiron in Taurus on one leg and Jupiter in Leo on the other leg. It is also Quindecile Neptune in Taurus and squaring Uranus. The linear, deep thinking of the Capricorn Mercury would have been challenged by the vague subconscious motivations of the inconjuncts from Pluto-Chiron and Jupiter plus the obsessive unclear pictures that the Quindecile from Neptune would have provoked. They somehow prodded him to understand his opponents through mind control (PLuto), illusion (Neptune), games (Jupiter). Pluto had been opposing his Mercury for several years before he had this vision. He could take on several men at once and beat them all. "The secret of Aikido is not in how you move your feet, it is how you move your mind. I'm not teaching you martial techniques. I'm teaching you non-violence."

Interestingly, Morihei had Mercury and Venus in Capricorn which is the opposite sign of Geronimo's placements of those planets. He also had Varuna in Capricorn. Both his progressed Mercury and t.Jupiter were conjunct Varuna when he had this first vision.

His 2d vision came in December, 1940 at 2 am while he was in Tokyo. Libra may have been Rising. The North Node was at 10 Libra as well.

His 3d vision came in 1942. He called this the "Great Spirit of Peace." This would have been a Saturn Return. His progressed Sun would have been opposite his natal Mars which is very unexpected as Mars is the planet of violence and aggression. Japanese thinking can be very contrary to what seems to be reality to Western Mind. Morihei himself, Leo Mars that he was, supposedly had a short temper.



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