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Friday, December 08, 2006

Watergate Redux

Will this Scandal never end? A recent Los Angeles Times article, reprinted in my local paper, describes how Woodward and Bernstein, the reporters who wrote "All the President's Men" hated each other. Alicia C. Shepard, the writer of the article, describes the character assessments that the filmmaker, Alan J. Pakula made as he was prepping to film "All the President's Men." In an interview with Nora Ephron, who ended up marrying Carl Bernstein, he says: "Underneath all the arguments and fights -- way down they hated each other. The qualities that they needed (to report Watergate) -- they didn't like."

Here are comments from the article to which I will attach my astrological reasons for the tension. I don't have Bernstein's birth time so without his Rising Sign or Moon don't have much to go on concerning his chart. Certainly can't do a composite chart. Both men had Leo North Nodes so, while they were both working together to upset the Throne, they also needed to compete for the Limelight themselves. Too many Lions in the Pride. Ego City. Not so bad in the long run since the Aquarius South Node unveiled the corrupt Presidency and restored the power of the collective will and Democractic process.

Bob Woodward
b. March 26, 1943 6:35pm Geneva, IL

Sun in Aries, Moon in Sagittarius, Libra Rising, North Node in Leo conjunct Chiron opposite SN in Aquarius.

Carl Bernstein
b. Feb. 14, 1944 (no time boohoo) Washington, DC

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in either Libra or Scorpio, North Node in Leo c. Pluto opposite Mercury-South Node in Aquarius.

You'd certainly expect, just from this information, for both of these men to get along, especially if Bernstein's Moon were in Libra. They would both be vibrant, idealistic, forward thinkers who hang out at the same parties. The problem may have been that they were too much alike. Working relationships require much different compatibilities I suppose.

"Bob's sucking up to people." -- Bob: In 1974 t.Saturn square t.Pluto on his Libra ASC-Cancer MC. Venus in H7 at apex to a t-square to Pluto opposite Mars. Libra Risers are charmers, like President Clinton, and Pluto-Mars-Venus can imbue a volatile sexuality. Multiple Neptune aspects can give a person ability to appear extremely empathetic to others, sometimes a bit parasitic.

"Carl knew he needed (that quality) but despised it in Bob." -- Carl: Sun trine Saturn, perhaps Moon in a Grand Trine, stodgy, forthright. His chart doesn't show as many of the charm factors that Woodward's does. If he has Scorpio Moon instead of Libra, he misses out on the Diplomacy factor.

"Bob needed Carl because Carl was pushy." -- Bob: Libra (passive) Rising, Aries (aggressive) on the Descendant. These guys drive their partners nuts with wanting to go along and follow and then suddenly getting angry and resentful that the partner is calling all the shots. Carl: Mars c. Uranus in Gemini, Pluto c. NN. Determined, Aggressive, Quick, not relying on Charms to get what he wants. Wish I had his Rising Sign, Scorpio? Aries?.

"Bob can formulate, and Carl can draw conclusions." -- Bob: Cardinal sign Sun trine Pluto. A Starter with strong creative urges. T-square between Mars-Pluto-Venus very creative. Carl: Fixed Sign Sun trine Saturn, Mercury in Aquarius. Determination, Closer.

Woodward is described as "stubborn and bullheaded" with no "instinct for writing." Mercury in Pisces opposite Neptune could be a bit spacey and unfocused. Bullheaded sounds like Taurus, ruler of his chart is Venus and it's in Taurus squaring Mars-Pluto. Once you go beyond the Libra Rising he's surprisingly willful. Bernstein had Mercury on his South Node so writing would come naturally to him. Opposite Pluto, however, gives a penetrating mind, that enjoys a good power play, but not always the best straightforward communications.

"Bob thought Carl was 'Hype,' no follow-through. All talk. Bull---- artist. Irresponsible." Two Grand Trines can make a boy lazy. Mercury trine Neptune trine Uranus. Sun opposite Jupiter. In the end he just wants to Peace Out.

Carl saw Bob as a "a machine. He's a reporter doll. Give him a story, any story, and he runs with it. A drone, No humor. No surprises. All Stability. White bread. Mr. Perfect. No Soul." Libra Rising in Grand Trine with Mars trine Saturn. Military, automatic. Geez, Bernstein must have Scorpio Rising.

"Woodward moved logically. His unfounded fear of being fired and his need to belong fueled his workaholic lifestyle." Chiron c. North Node, otherwise unaspected. Chart ruler Venus at apex of a t-square to Mars-Pluto opposition. At the time t. Neptune and North Node were conjunct his Moon and opposite his Saturn, he was probably pretty confused. Multiple Neptune aspects could mean that he couldn't get facts straight. The Neptune-NN transit was opposite Bernstein's Mars-Uranus conjunction showing that he was dealing with that energy in his relationships.

Interesting that in 1974 Woodward's Progressed Sun was conjunct his n. Venus. And Bernstein's progressed Venus was conjunct his n. Sun. Both married around this time. What a relief to see contacts between these two energies that don't involve suicide. I think that Bernstein's marriage to Nora Ephron didn't end well, though. Don't know what happened to Woodward's.

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