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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fashion's "Triumvirate"

Audrey, Jackie and Grace. Michael Kors calls them the "Triumvirate" of the Fashion World. An Associated Press Article by Samantha Critchell claims that their beauty will probably never be matched.

I decided to look up their charts to perhaps check out their Ascendants and Venuses and got distracted by the fact that they were all born in 1929. This started to look like an outer planet phenomenon. So, 1929. Bad year for finances, good year for birthing Helen of Troy.

Audrey Hepburn b. May 4, 1929 3:00 am Ixelles, Belgium

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis b. July 28, 1929 2:30 pm Southampton, NY

Grace Kelly b. Nov. 12, 1929 5:31 am Philadelphia, PA

All Three had Sun in a Fixed Sign: Audrey: Taurus, Jackie: Leo, Grace: Scorpio

All Three had Ascendants in a Fixed Sign: Audrey: Aquarius, Jackie: Scorpio, Grace: Scorpio

As for their Moons, these even have similarities: Audrey had Moon in Pisces in H1; Grace had Moon in Pisces in H5; Jackie had Moon in Aries in H5.

I figure I need instead to look at the outer planet transits during 1929. Perhaps this planetary combination could be repeated and repeated and repeated in Laboratory Experiments. It seems maybe there was an excellent formula going down.

The North Node was traveling through Taurus in 1929. Taurus, of course, is a Fixed Sign and it's ruled by Venus the planet of feminine beauty. Both Jackie and Grace had NN conjunct Chiron. Audrey had a stellium in Taurus. Jupiter and Sun conjunct NN with Sun conjunct Chiron. Venus rules both Beauty and Money. What's good for the Fashion World is not always good for the Financial World apparently. But it is interesting that the Market peeked out out this time and wasn't matched in value until the mid-1940's.

Also, during this year there was a square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer that both Audrey and Jackie had, it had moved out of orb by the time Grace was born in November. But these two planets ruled all three of the women's Charts. Uranus and Pluto would have passed over their Neptunes during the late 50's, early to mid 60's when they achieved their fame and Neptune is set very prominently in their charts. Pluto, Uranus and even Jupiter later went into conjunction in Virgo in the later 60's. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin and also seems to account for the simple, understated elegance of these women. (The Hippies of this time all mostly had both Pluto and Uranus in Leo and were expressing the Virgo energy in the exact opposite way, a reaction against all tradition.)

In addition to the Fixed Emphasis (stability, unchanging), Neptune seems to have really sealed the deal for them. It passed from Leo to Virgo during 1929 so it was at 29 Leo when Audrey was born and in early Virgo when both Jackie and Grace were born. Neptune was placed Angular in all 3 of the Women's charts, in H10 for Jackie and Grace and on the Descendant of Audrey's chart. Neptune rules Glamour, elusiveness, and also Film.

As for their Venus aspects, all three have Venus in aspect to Saturn which may account for the Timeless quality of their appearance. Refined, elegant, serious.

Audrey: Venus in Aries, H1, square Pluto and Mars in H5; Trine Saturn.

Jackie: Venus in Gemini, H8, sextile Moon, square Mars, opposite Saturn

Grace: Venus in Libra, H12, conjunct ASC, sextile Saturn.

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