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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Springtime!!!! Aries Ingress

Chart I pulled up for Aries Ingress Chart for Washington DC is:

March 20, 2007 8:18 pm Washington DC

Sun 0 Aries; ASC 13 Libra; Moon 27 Aries; MC 15 Cancer

This is just an experiment. I have very little experience in reading Ingress Charts. Ingress Charts are based on the solstices and are used to look up political and world affairs. They read the "Aries Point" charts for each year as if there's something special to be gleaned from these points.

Visually what pops out is Sun conjunct Ceres in H6 to the degree and squared by Pluto in H3. That's the big square in this chart. There is a big story in the news about contaminated pet food that has been killing pets. H6 = household pets and hygiene. Be sure to never feed your beasts anything made with animal byproducts. The stuff the food companies consider to be animal byproducts is enough to make you lose your lunch. Which is another H6 manifestation. Also, this could lead to power struggles in labor and in educational facilities.

Venus is very strong in this chart meaning that Money and Diplomacy will dominate. Whoever can say it nicely and make money off of their words at the same time will dominate. Venus is ruler of the chart and is in Taurus which is the sign that it rules. It's also in H7 in the house that it rules. It's also an earth singleton. (Obama is a Taurus). And it's conjunct the Moon in Aries. So Washington and the U.S. will be diplomatically trying to resolve issues around the War in Iraq and wherever else we're killing people (As an American I'd be the last to know exactly which spots these are).

Venus in Taurus has it's own security issues at stake and money, as usual, will be the deciding factor in all outcomes at this time. This is amplified by the fact that Venus is conjunct the Moon which rules the MC. We'll be seen as big Crabs. Watch out for U.S. pincers that come at ya from the sides. And don't forget that we are sensitive people underneath all this armour. There are also 4 planets in the 5th house of speculation which repeats the money theme. I'd like to say that 5th house rules children as well but I think we've left them behind years ago at this point.

The U.S Chart (Sibley with Sagg Rising) has Sun at 14 Cancer conjunct the MC of this Ingress Chart and also Saturn in Libra right on this Ingress chart's ASC. Sun square Saturn sounds like Government problems. These problems will be exposed because of the contact with the ASC and the MC. Our future is being decided right now. MC and ASC don't have any squares other than to each other.

Hopefully with all those planets in the 5th house we'll get some good movies to watch in our theaters. Bread and Circus.

The Saturn-Neptune opposition lands on the 5th-11th house cusps with Chiron-Mars conjunct Neptune in Aquarius on H5 cusp. Let's hope that indicates business growth and innovation.

Uranus is still conjunct the NN in H5 in Aquarius. So hopefully that also indicates innovations in business. Well, we could hope for food and healthcare for the needy, but Saturn on H11 probably means we'll be stifling our wishes for awhile in favor of world domination.

What else? Mercury is also in Aquarius, apex of a small triangle to the trine between Venus-Moon and Pluto. Wow, that sounds like something where Women step in and take over.

There's a great technique that someone on a forum used with the last Ingress. He looked at just the 4 Harmonic chart which shows stress points. Then he looked for aspects from this (the 4th Harmonic) to the angles of the Ingress Chart. Venus is at 15 Leo which sextiles the ASC, but Saturn is at 16 Libra conjunct the ASC and squaring the MC. It looks like we may be held responsible for our actions. Venus is so strong, though, we may be better at playing with others than in the past.



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