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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The 3 Fathers of Modern Architecture

While reading about Itten and Albers I found an article that lists the 3 architects most responsible for the creation of the Modern Architecture movement. Of course this was a movement and all sorts of people contributed and many names are left off this list. But I thought I would briefly look at the charts. The list consists of 2 Germans and a Swiss. They were born 1883 - 1987 so two had the conjunction of Neptune and Pluto. This was probably more responsible for the explosion of creativity, and especially the Outer Space style which suddenly blasted out of all the Victorian Baroque goo-gah of the time. In historical cycles this just shows that Romanticism has shot its wad and left only one last yearning for clean and classical lines, organic shapes were ok but without the sturm und drang.

Rulerships from my boyfriend Rex Bills:

Architecture: Venus, Taurus, Saturn
Architects: Venus, Saturn, Capricorn
Modern Architecture: Aquarius

I'm not looking at these charts in depth. The Venus influence is very strong through both Taurus and Libra but I find it interesting that Aquarius is not very strong an influence in these charts. And, of course the Neptune-Pluto conjunction must be a big factor in the creation of Modernism in Architecture. Both water planets. A long time ago I wrote a blog (Water Walls) listing Architects with strong water signs in their charts. All built very Modern style. I can go on and on about how Modern Architecture might show the primeval roots of man's adaption to life on earth or something, but I won't. No matter. These 3 architects seem to have strong earth and air influence in their charts, not water.

Walter Gropius
b. May 18, 1883 Berlin, Germany

Sun 28 Taurus, Moon probably in Libra, North Node 12 Virgo

4 planets plus Chiron in Taurus: Neptune 19 Taurus with all the rest in tight conjunction: Sun 28 Taurus-Chiron 28 Taurus-Saturn 30 Taurus-Pluto 30 Taurus.

Mercury 19 Gemini
Mars 22 Aries conjunct Venus 25 Aries
Uranus 20 Virgo trining Neptune 19 Taurus
Jupiter 3 Cancer

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
b. March 27, 1886 10 am Aachen, Germany (astrotheme)

Sun 7 Aries; ASC 12 Cancer; Moon 7 Capricorn; NN 16 Virgo; MC 10 Pisces

Cardinal Grand Square contacting the Aries Points in Cancer and Libra: Sun in Aries in H10; Moon in in Capricorn H6; Saturn-ASC Cancer; Jupiter-Uranus in Libra, both retrograde, H4. Albers also had a strong Aries Point contact.

Neptune 24 Taurus H11 conjunct Pluto 2 Gemini H12 (conjunct H12 cusp)
Mars 9 Virgo Rx c. North Node
Venus 27 Aquarius H9
Mercury 24 Aries H11

Le Corbusier
b. Oct. 6, 1887 20:30 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Sun 14 Libra; ASC 22 Gemini; Moon 5 Gemini; MC21 Aquarius; NN 17 Leo

Sun c. Uranus in H5 trining Moon c. Pluto 5 Gemini-Neptune30 Taurus

Mars 26 Leo H4
Venus 21 Virgo H5 cusp
Saturn 5 Leo square Jupiter 5 Scorpio H6.

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