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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fear and Terror and Mars Returns

"2X2L calling CQ...
Isn't there anyone on the air?...
Isn't there anyone on the air?..."

These are the last lines of Orson Welles Radio Production of H.G. Wells book "War of the Worlds." This show created Worldwide panic as it described Martian takeovers of cities in the United States. I looked it up because I've just gone on a wild goose chase researching the Discovery of the Two Moons of Mars. By interesting coincidence the Moons of Mars are called Pholus and Deimos which, in respective order, mean "Fear" and "Terror." In mythology they were Aries' Sons who drove his chariot. Hold on tight as we follow Mars' wild returns around the constellation as the Moons of Mars are discovered.

Johannes Kepler originally guessed that Mars had 2 Moons but he couldn't prove it. This was just an intuitive guess:

Johannes Kepler

b. Dec. 27, 1571 2:37pm Weil Der Statt near Stuttgart, Germany (astrotheme)
Sun 16 Capricorn ASC 25 Gemini Moon 5 Gemini MC 23 Aquarius North Node 4 Leo
Mars 9 Libra trine Moon 5 Gemini

The writer Jonathan Swift did a weird thing. In Gulliver's Travels, written in 1726, he writes that the Lilliputians had discovered two Moons on Mars. This was only a guess, another intuitive guess.

Jonathan Swift

b. Dec. 10, 1667 Dublin, Ireland
Sun 19 Sagittarius ASC 4 Aquarius Moon 12 Libra MC 7 Sagittarius North Node Gemini
Mars 9 Libra conjunct Moon Libra trining his Node

Time goes by, about 150 years. It's 1877. Mars comes abnormally close to the earth kind of like it did a few years ago. Everyone's looking at it. An American Astronomer, Asaph Hall, actually discovers the two Moons orbiting Mars' hairy red self.

Asaph Hall

b. Oct. 15, 1829 (no time) Goshen, Connecticut
Mars at 3 Libra maybe trining Moon in Gemini, North Node 29 Virgo (conjunct Mars)

Deimos (Terror) is discovered Aug. 11, 1877 and Pholus (Fear) is discovered Aug. 17, 1877 at Naval Observatory in Washington. Mars was in Pisces, not Libra. It stationed at 19 Pisces on Aug. 11, 1877 conjunct Saturn Rx at 19 Pisces. Then it retrograded back to 18 Pisces by Aug. 17.

This brought on total Mars Fever. Not only did Asaph discover the Moons but other astronomers discovered canals on Mars which made people think there was water, i.e. life, on Mars.

So, guess what? The Science Fiction writers had a field day talking about Martians. And Hitler wants a UFO and I think the Roosevelts and the Carnegies do too. Yes, the Grays are born.

H.G. Wells wrote "War of the Worlds" in 1898. (no date) It's supposed to be about an Alien attack on the Earth that happens in June in the early 20th century.

H.G. Wells
b. Sept. 21, 1866 16h30 Bronley, Kent, England (astrotheme)

Sun 29 Virgo ASC 13 Aquarius Moon 22 Aquarius MC 10 Sagittarius
Mars 7 Cancer. Sigh....no wait....
North Node to the rescue.... North Node 3 Libra

You know what's next. The famous Halloween radio program version of "War of the Worlds" which causes World Wide panic because everyone's waiting for a World War at any minute anyway. Who needs to worry about Germans and Japanese when you've got Martians attacking!!!

War of the Worlds
broadcast October 30, 1938 8pm New York City, NY

Mars 4 Libra trine Moon 4 Aquarius

So, I wonder. All those abductees... where's their Mars?

Oh, yeah, there was that incident in Roswell, NM...

A Flying Disk was reported discovered sometime between June 14, 1947 and July 8, 1947. Mars was at the end of Taurus and moved into Gemini on July 2 where it would have been conjunct the North Node. That doesn't fit. But, as is its way, Neptune takes it out there: Neptune 9 Libra.

I've tried to come up with a reason why people with Mars in Libra would be so in tune with Mars' Moons. I, of course, have no idea. Mars is in its detriment in Libra. It doesn't like it there and lets its Moons' emotional flatulence loose out into the Cosmos. Mars has a loud war cry so it seems that it was announcing it's orbits into Kepler's and Swift's heads long before it was officially discovered. Nice to announce its entry. Mars in Libra is known to be polite. So, it likes to get in touch with us earthlings when it's in Libra. I'll have to let NASA know.

CREDIT: I found out about the connection between Kepler, Swift and Asaph Hall from James R. Lewis' book, The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences. (available remainered edition at Borders Books). I had to check to see if there was a connection. I only checked the Mars locations, it looks as if there are even more connections between the charts.

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