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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Alex the African Gray Parrot and His Person

While web surfing today I once again saw the now famous last words of Alex the African Gray Parrot who recently passed.

"You be good. See you tomorrow. I Love You."

Alex was a Research Bird who had phenomenal abilities to communicate. His ability to distinguish colors and numbers and to crack one-liners made him world renowned. He had a vocabulary of 100 words, that's better than I can brag about, for sure. The woman who worked with him, Dr. Irene Pepperberg, bought Alex in a Pet Store in Chicago back in June, 1977. Alex was 1 year old at the time. He was 31 years old when he died of unknown causes on Sept. 6, 2007 at Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.


b. 1976
d. Sept. 6, 2007, Waltham, Massachusetts

Dr. Irene Pepperberg

b. Apr. 1, 1949 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 12 Aries; Moon Taurus; NN 26 Aries

Rex Bills is in the car, but I'm just going to assume from looking at Irene Pepperberg's chart that Mercury and Virgo rule Parrots. She has a tight inconjunct of Mercury at 1 Aries to Saturn at 1 Virgo. Mercury-Saturn aspects can show a sharp mind, sharp verbal skills, great analytical skills. Why shouldn't it indicate Parrots? The inconjunct, being an aspect that links two signs that have no common basic characteristics, seems appropriate for trying to break through a communication barrier between species.

Also in her chart, Dr. Pepperberg's Sun is opposite her Neptune. This can show an ability to relate to others at a psychic level. In her case this aspect is very strongly emphasized. Her Sun is in Aries ruled by Mars and Neptune is in Libra ruled by Venus. Rulers of these signs, Mars and Venus are both conjunct her Sun. Mars and Venus also rule the signs which her Nodes are in. And Aries and Libra rule the relationship axis.

In addition, Dr. Pepperberg's Sun is in a Grand Trine with Pluto in Leo and Chiron in in Sagittarius. Along with the opposition to Neptune it almost makes a Kite Pattern, the sextile between Neptune and Chiron is a little wide. But this shows that the opposition works to focus the easy flow of the Grand Trine. Sun-Mars, Pluto (Fame, Research, Secrets), Neptune (knowing the unknown, No boundaries) and Chiron (Teacher, Wounding), that's a strong focus on working with the life force in some way, especially connected with Sun c. Mars in Aries.

The numbers involved indicated strong Saturn Returns influence. Alex and Pepperberg worked together for 30 years. She was 28 when she bought him and is 58 now...
She wasn't yet having her Saturn Return when she found Alex. Saturn had to pass over Pluto in Leo before getting to her Saturn at 1 Virgo. It was conjunct Pluto when she found Alex and they began a long term research, working relationship together. Not only that but Neptune was conjunct her Chiron so two points of the Grand Trine were experiencing major slow aspects.

That doesn't necessarily indicate Kismet, but this does: Pluto and the NN were close to conjunction with Dr. Pepperberg's Neptune. The transiting South Node would have been conjunct her Sun-Mars-Venus. I've experienced something close to that aspect on my ASC-DESC line. Fish were literally having stare out contests with me (I had eye witnesses, ok?). I dropped everything in my life to spend as much time as I could with my old cat. Pluto-Neptune conjunctions are true magic in relationship with everything in the world except people who are simply too inferior to relate on that level. On a practical, earthy level they are often not so hot.

Pepperberg had her first Saturn Return right after she started working with Alex. Saturn at 1 Virgo inconjunct Mercury a 1 Aries. Virgo represents hard work and clinical settings. Saturn returned to that point this month.

I was curious about the surprise demise of Alex; supposedly he wasn't sick and nobody knows what caused his death. I can't find his birth info so we can't even guess. Seems that Uranus must be figuring strongly. It's interesting that Dr. Pepperberg's Solar Return for this year has an exact conjunction of Mercury-Uranus and the North Node at 16 Pisces. Natally she's got a Mercury-Uranus square. I have no idea what to do with this information, just thought I'd mention it.

So, Alex, Thanks for Blessing Us with your Wonderful Self. Rest in Peace, Beautiful Bird.

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