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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mercury Transit Cycles // 6,7, 13, 33, 46 years

Here's a link to "Mercury Transit Cycles" by Bruce McClure: http://idialstars.com/mtc.htm.

Read the article but I'm going to try to explain it here. The Greater Mercury Cycles are measured from off of the Inferior Conjunctions of Mercury to the Sun. This is when Mercury aligns with the Sun and Earth but passes in front of the Sun rather than around it (only Mercury and Venus can do this because their orbits are closer to the Sun's than the Earth's). A true Inferior Conjunction doesn't happen that often because Mercury is usually too high or too low in the sky above or below the Ecliptic. In order for an Inferior Conjunction to happen its orbit must cross the Ecliptic and it also must be close to its Node. This can only happen in November when it's near its Scorpio North Node or in May when it's near its Taurus South Node. The conjunctions happen more in November than in May. In November the cycle can reoccur at 6 or 7 years or at 13 years (6+7) or at 33 year cycles. In May it only happens at 13 or 33 year cycles.

There's another 46 year cycle for which both November and May transits reoccur for 100s of years. The last one happened on Nov. 8, 2006 and belongs to a cycle that began in 1776 and will end in 2604. These series of cycles are called a "Panorama" which seems to be a lot like the Eclipse Saros Series cycles.

The astrological significance for 1776 is wonderful. This is the year the U.S. declared Independence and brought on a new experiment in society which centers around free trade (well, and religion). It is also the year that Adam Smith wrote his book that redefined Economics. This was based around a strong drive to create comfort (Taurus) and quality of life (Scorpio). In the Saros Cycles, there were 6 eclipses each year during 1776 and 77 which means that the Eclipse cycles were in the middle of beginning and endings of their Series. But in addition Mercury starts a new Panorama Series this year. Mercury rules Commerce among other spiritual vibes such as messengering between humans and the Divine, is in the signs that rule Resources. In a way, Man's relationship with God has changed to one of impartial communication rather than "knowing" or "feeling" or "oppression." Well, God refuses to show me any of his angels, so what do I know of this?

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