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Friday, September 21, 2007


I neglected to mention a very important Birthday. The 1st Happy Face Emoticon turned 25 on September 19. That's the thing that everyone types out on their computers that goes like :-).

Or maybe it's like :).

Or maybe it looks hungover at this point ++ (imagine a mouth underneath).

Anyway, it's on its side. It was invented by a College Professor who wanted to be able to express feelings in his emails. Here's the official time for the first email (sorry, no source, it was just in the News):

Sideways Smiley Face :-)

b. Sept. 19, 1982 11:44am Pittsburgh, PA

Sun 27 Virgo; ASC 21 Scorpio; Moon 24 Libra; MC 3 Virgo; NN 11 Cancer

Rex Bills says that Smiles are ruled by Venus and (Neptune). Wouldn't ya know? All the planets in this chart are placed within a wide 10 degree square between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Sagittarius predominantly up in the upper left hand quadrant of the chart. Venus is up there in the 10th House for all to see. She's the most elevated planet and, except for that wide square to Neptune, is unaspected.

There's a pretty serious looking stellium conjunction of Libra Mercury Rx (Sun's ruler), Saturn, Moon and Pluto (chart ruler) in the 11th House which might indicate a rather somber emotional expression overall, but, hey, they all disposit to Venus. And, if you're really really outgoing as promised by the likes of this chart, you'll smile no matter what.

We've also got 12th House Jupiter, a mirthful placement, trining the North Node and Mars is conjunct Uranus in the 1st House. Ha! Ha! Doesn't Arnold Schwarzenegger have conjunctions of Mars-Uranus and Pluto-Saturn? No wonder this thing stuck, it's the Terminator Smiley Face :-).



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