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Monday, September 17, 2007

Flamingo Rescue

This is a cute one.

Celebrity Zoo keeper Jack Hanna got stuck in an Airport Turnstile in Ohio with an 11-month old Pink Flamingo. The Flamingo was traveling in a 2' x 3' box and the square box just couldn't make it through the round turnstile. Hanna, who was traveling with a menagerie that included a mongoose, a leopard and 3 people, managed to free himself but it took 3 firefighters to get the Flamingo out.

Jack Hanna

b. Jan. 2, 1947 Knoxville, Tennessee

Sun 12 Capricorn; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 12 Gemini

Rex Bills doesn't list rulerships for Flamingos. Large birds capable of flight are ruled by Uranus/Aquarius and Pluto rules Wading Birds. The color Pink is ruled by Venus and we can only assume that at 11 months the Flamingo is a Libra. Bird Cages are ruled by (Virgo). When you look at Jack Hanna's chart you see that he has an unaspected conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio so it's the Pink feathery beasts dressed up like Showgirls that trap him every time. (The event chart has a glamorous t-square configuration of 5th House Moon in Scorpio to Venus opposite Neptune.)

The Columbus Fire Dept. logged their arrival at the Airport at 12:30 am on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007. God only knows how long Hanna and the Flamingo were trapped in the turnstile. Let's assume about an hour? Zoos and Zoologists, according to Bills, are ruled by (Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, H6). Maybe it's significant that Saturn has just moved into Virgo because that's the sign that rules House 6 of small animals.

There's an Angular Grand Square in the Event Chart that pretty much sums it up. It could have indicated an earthquake but why not also turnstiles? Especially getting stuck in turnstiles with large boxes stuffed with a live wild birds that is probably squawking ferociously and spewing pink fluff out the air holes. Uranus is key here. It rules both Airports and Large Birds and is placed in H10. It's opposing the Virgo Sun (caged birds) and squaring Mars opposite Pluto which had just risen over the Ascendant-Descendant line. Mars and Pluto rule Firemen along with other distressing events.

Transiting Uranus and North Node in Pisces are widely squaring Hanna's natal Uranus and North Node in Gemini so this is just one of those unexpected, shocking Uranian types of situations. In the event chart, Uranus is also apex of a Yod to 3d House Venus in Leo and 5th House Mercury in Libra. That brings in the transportation and show business element.

Here's the link to the story: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20823108/. Maybe try using the door next time, Jack.

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