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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Family City U.S.A.

Orem, Utah is an excellent place to live if your last name is Stepford. If your last name is Perry and you're a 70-year old Great-Grandmother living on a fixed income who can't afford to pay $50 a month to water your lawn, not only will your neighbors not step in to help, they will report you to the police and the police will hammer down your door, smash your face into the pavement, slap on some handcuffs and slam you into the local jail. Well, that's my overly dramatic Leo Mercury re-telling of the story. Here's one of the original News versions along with a photo of the 70-year old Great-Grandmother's smashed in face: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,288642,00.html.

Do they even have water for watering lawns in Utah?

At some point in the morning, Betty Perry was arrested and booked into the Orem Jail on July 6, 2007, Orem, Utah (about 40 miles Southwest of Salt Lake City) for refusing to give the Mr. Police Officer her name. This is called "resisting arrest." At 70 years old she had never been confronted by a policeman and didn't know the protocol for talking to one. Today Perry went to court with famous attorney Gloria Allred at her side and pleaded innocent.

Isn't this a huge waste of the taxpayer's money?

Some Relevant Rulerships according to Rex Bills:
  • Venus rules manicured lawns; Rex doesn't even recognize that lawns can be unmanicured let alone covered with 3 generations of rusted out old parked cars.
  • Neglected lands are ruled by Saturn and Capricorn.
  • Noses are ruled by Scorpio, Mars (Aries, Jupiter)
  • Nosebleeds are ruled by Mars and Aries.
  • Police are ruled by Mars, Saturn, Virgo, H6 (Pluto, Jupiter).
  • Grandparents, in general are ruled by H7, H1 (H3, Saturn, H4).
  • Poverty is Pisces, Saturn, Neptune
  • Handcuffs are ruled by Saturn
  • Idiots are ruled by Mercury (Pluto) / Wait till you see how this figures in, hehe, I would never have picked those rulerships by the way so, Mercury-Pluto people, don't get mad at me for having insulted you.
This incident, is a great example of the Saturn-Neptune opposition. Saturn was conjunct Venus (elderly woman) in Leo (The Queen) opposite Neptune (Jail, Incompetence). From the stories I have only been able to determine that the incident occurred in the Morning. I used 10am to draw a chart as I have no idea how early an Orem Police Officer would knock on an old woman's door but my Mother always told me that you never knock before 10am. This gives 1 Virgo Rising. Venus-Saturn is rising just above the Ascendant. The 1st house rules one's name. Saturn rules "resistance" and "refusal" and "handcuffs." Betty Perry is clearly indicated in this chart, sure wish I had the time. Neptune is in the 6th House (police). Uranus is in the 7th house and they are doing the mutual reception thing right over the Descendant.

And the thing is, this case has been exposed and Betty Perry has received apologies from the Mayor. How many others are treated like this and walk away limping and unrepresented?

At this time the Sun was in Cancer (the home, conservative family values). The Moon was on the first degree Aries. That's an Aries Point and certainly describes the National Attention this case has received along with the emotional volatility as to how the situation was handled. As a matter of fact, the Moon is apex of a t-square to Retrograde Mercury in Cancer opposite Retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius. That describes very well miscommunication through emotional behavior and mis-use of power.

If this time is anywhere near the actual time, Pluto (along with Jupiter) is in Sagittarius (opinions, keeping up with the Joneses) the 4th house (Perry's home) and rules the IC. Betty Perry has now said that she no longer wants to live in Orem (Pluto in H4, moving due to upheaval in the home) and that she's deathly afraid of Policemen (Saturn conjunct Ascendant, common sense).

Mars is located in Taurus in the 8th House. It disposits to Venus. Perry was sent home shortly after being booked and the Officer was put on temporary leave. He has since been cleared of any illegal actions. He certainly doesn't have great instincts for performing his jobs and I'll bet he's as afraid of old ladies right now as they are of him.

Betty Perry is 70 years old, or at least was 70 at time of arrest in July. That means that if born before July her birth year is 1937. If born after July 6, her birth year is 1938. Saturn is either in Pisces or Aries and Uranus (community) must have been very afflicted.

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Blogger Twilight said...

Ye Gods! This is the fourth story I've read about the police and their goings on in the last hour.....mostly other incidents brought up as a result of Andrew Meyer's arrest yesterday in Florida.

This one about Mrs Perry is really bad - the police should be arrested - for enforcing the watering of grass for f..ks sake!
It's harly environmentally sound procedure. Water will be a scarce commodity soon - it is now.

We haven't watered our front yard -ever. Even last year during the drought. We consider that it's a serious waste of a precious resource. No complaints....so far!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Thanks for your comment, Twilight. Andrew Meyer is 21 so I just had to look. He probably has Uranus & Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Gemini. I wonder if either of these were aspected by the Mars-Pluto opposition. At any rate, only a Chiron in Gemini person could coin the phrase "Don't tase me, bro" right before getting zapped.

This isn't good.

11:12 PM  

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