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Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to School Blog / College Campus Rape

This was supposed to be posted a couple of weeks ago in celebration of Pledge Week but I suppose the Venus-Neptune opposition sort of blocked it with a "I didn't see that coming" kind of denial thing. So sorry about that. Nobody ever listens to a warning anyway. So the eclipse is hitting the Grand Square and Mars is in my First House and now I'm frothing at the mouth.

Here's the deal. When girls go off to College they think everyone's just like them, respectful of their need to get down with the boys. Real life only happens on TV. They go the parties and drink until they're snorting the Ox Blood Punch out their noses (God that's so much fun), flirting and making out and next thing you know you're like the girl in San Jose, CA who passed out until her friends pulled a pack of boys off of her. One of the boys had thrown up on her. Nice touch. And thing is, when this happens there really is no Justice. Just "He Said, She Said" and the pack of boys runs free and the sheriff even speaks up and says that Justice wasn't served. The friends were testifying for her and you'd think it was a done deal but still the District Attorney, a woman by the way, couldn't find a defense. Usually, in real life rape, the help from the friends doesn't happen, but the inept Justicial System does. In Modern Western World, it's ok to be concerned about rape when it happens to women in the Sudan. College Campuses think this is part of the growing up process, apparently. Everyone talks about how the girl had it coming to her. And it really is impossible to prove otherwise most of the time.

And the influence of Rape on the girl is unbelievably damaging. Either they withdraw from life and do drugs or they become total sluts and do drugs. It just totally blows me away that this still happens. What year is it? Maybe when we make it into the 21th Century things will improve. But until then we are:

Still simian.

Still simian.

So pissed off by this story in the Spring, Larry King brought up another story. He interviewed the Father of Laura Dickinson, a student last year attending East Michigan University at Upsilanti who was raped and murdered in her dorm room and the School covered up the entire crime. The Dean was fired this Summer along with two others who had shredded the police reports. Their reputation was more important to them than a young woman's life, let alone the life of a student whose care was left to their responsibility. For 2 months the parents didn't even know what their daughter's cause of death was! They suspected she died from complications of a previous heart arrythmia. A student, Orange Taylor (Age 20) had snuck into the dorm, walked into her room and had raped and murdered Dickinson. This happened early in the morning on Dec. 13, 2006. By Dec. 15 the other students complained of a smell coming from her room. The Police report said there was a possibility of homicide. The Medical Examiner suspected foul play. And on Dec. 16 the University posted a statement saying "there is no reason to suspect foul play." The entire Administration at Eastern Michigan covered up the entire crime. After Orange Taylor's arrest, they were put on leave and three were subsequently fired this Summer. This includes the Dean, James Vick and the heads of Campus Security and the Campus Police.

According to www.detnews.com, Taylor entered the Dorm at about 4am on Dec. 13, 2007 and left around 5:30am. The Sun was at 22 Sagittarius conjunct Pluto at 27 Sagittarius and squaring the NorthNode at 21 Pisces. Pluto was widely conjunct Venus at 3 Capricorn. That's a good set-up for rape/murder, but everyone on the planets lived through that. Scorpio was rising so Pluto's rulership of rape/murder (and cover-up probably also) makes this aspect more potent. By 5am Saturn in Leo was conjunct the MC opposing Neptune on the IC. And Jupiter, Mars, Pholus and Mercury were in the 1st House squaring Uranus. Nesus was exactly conjunct Chiron at 7 Aquarius. At 5am, the Moon was at 30 Virgo squaring the Pluto-Venus conjunction. These are all strong indicators for violence.

When Taylor was arrested t.Jupiter had moved to conjunction with the Event Chart Sun.

I don't have Laura Dickinson's birth date. She was 22 years old. Orange Taylor was 20 years old (I'm not sure if that's at the time of the crime or at the arrest). I do have Dickinson's Father's birth date because, unfortunately, the last time Mr. Dickinson saw his daughter was on his 51st birthday. That's one hell of a Chiron Return year event. I don't want to mention it here for privacy reasons except to say that it hooks into the chart of another victim, Jeanne Clery.

Jeanne Clery was also raped and murdered in her dorm room in 1986 at Lehigh Tech in Pennsylvania. Her parents' were responsible for passing a bill, the Crime Awareness & Campus Security Act of 1990 otherwise known as "The Clery Act." Apparently there had been a notable amount of campus crimes which the school was very lax about telling the students. Clery had left her door unlocked and the man who raped her just walked into her room while she was sleeping. The Clery Act was supposed to heighten awareness of crime on college campuses. Apparently it didn't make a ripple. The shooting at Virginia Tech last year is also evidence. Who knows what else goes unreported and covered up?

So I found Jeanne Clery's birth date from off the Internet.

Jeanne Clery

b. Nov. 23, 1966 (place?) d. Apr. 5, 1986 Lehigh University, Pennsylvania?

Sun 1 Sagittarius; Moon in Aries; NN 17 Taurus

Clery had Sun conjunct Venus in Sagittarius trining Jupiter: a total charmer. Sun and Jupiter may also have been in a Grand Trine with her Moon. Sometimes Charm is too much of a lucky thing. Every weirdo in the book wants to follow you home.

Clery's North Node is in Taurus and Neptune and Retrograde Mercury were in Scorpio conjunct her South Node. It seems that she may have been forgetful and absentminded about things like locking the door and this worked against her (NE and Ret Merc c. South Node).

Of course, one wants to look at Mars which will indicate violence. Clery was born in 1966 during the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo conjunction opposite Saturn in Pisces. Her Mars is in Virgo conjunct Uranus and Pluto so she was extra vulnerable to violence. Her Sun-Venus, Venus NN and Grand Trine make me think that she was extra easy going, maybe conflicted with that big opposition of her generation which is pretty volatile.

The day of her death, Clery's progressed Sun was at 21 Sagittarius c. transiting Uranus at 23 Sagittarius. (This is conjunct Laura Dickinson's Father's Sun) so she was hooked into Uranian energy. In addition, She was going through her Uranus square which can be a sort of an initiation into sudden and shocking events (along with positive stuff like moving away from home, and hanging out with friends, etc.). Because of the year that Clery was born her Uranus carries a lot of baggage. The Prog. Sun-t.Uranus both square that big violent opposition of Mars-Uranus-Pluto opposite Saturn.

There was also an opposition of Venus in Taurus to Pluto in Scorpio on top of her Nodes. Venus and Pluto rule her Nodes and she was killed during her Nodal Return year.

Clery's parents acted to pass "The Clery Act" in honor of their daughter and to ensure that other students would be informed of violent crimes so that they can be alert and on the defensive.

The Clery Act

signed Nov. 8, 1990, Washington, DC

Sun 17 Scorpio; Moon Leo; NN 2 Aquarius

Sun was in Scorpio conjunct Pluto and Venus. How appropriate for legislation regarding Rape and Murder. It was squaring Jupiter (the Law and Higher Education). This Scorpio conjunction is right on Clery's South Node-Neptune(Victim)-Mercury. Mercury is also in Scorpio unaspected. There was a Yod that day which might explain the ineffectiveness of how the Bill is actually carried out. Neptune is in Capricorn at the Apex branching off to Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo on either leg (weird way to talk about rape). This seems to tell the tale to me why the Administration-Government (Capricorn) is ignoring or not understanding (Neptune) how to allow the kids to enjoy their college experience (Gemini-Leo-Mars-Jupiter = youthfulness, play,carefree lifestyle). Saturn and Uranus were in Capricorn along with Neptune which also which can make for some cold-hearted, selfish administration, maybe corrupt.

Mars (violence, rashness) is very problematic in The Clery Bill chart. It is retrograde and probably a little too strongly placed as it is a double singleton in Mutable and Air. Of course, the answers to problems presented by a Yod is in the opposite sign of the apex. In this case, that would be Cancer. That indicates parenting, control, home, everything that the kids are trying to break away from.

Boy, I knew this was going to be a rambler. It's a start. If you've got family or friends in College please ask them to be extra careful. So many of these crimes can be avoided if people show a little more concern and if the girls themselve use more sense. So, anyway, Words of Wisdom fly in one ear and out the other along with the Ox Blood Punch.

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