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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crowned Fairy Princess of Norway

Once Upon a Time I saw an article on a Norwegian Princess who talks to Angels. That's just so girly, I had to look at the chart and when I looked at it, I swear to God, I saw only trines. Now that I've gotten around to looking at the chart again it turns out there's some ugly red lines besmirching the harmony. I'm absolutely appalled. Good news is there are no squares (minus Moon or Angles due to lack of birth time) but there are some hearty oppositions. --And when you read her story you can see the oppositions. But this is as close as we're ever gonna come to reading a Fairy Tale so be done with it.

Hark! Martha Louise, Fairy Princess of Norway

b. Sept. 22, 1971, Oslo, Norway

Sun 29 Virgo; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 14 Aquarius

Martha Louise is about 4th in line to the throne. She's a certified physiotherapist and she's given up most of her royal duties except the ones related to support causes having to do with Health. This matches her Sun-Pluto conjunction at the end of Virgo, sign of Health.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction is part of a stellium with Venus & Uranus in Libra. Now for the good part. Martha Louise's Air Grand Trine includes the Venus-Uranus conjunction trine Mars-NN in Aquarius and Saturn Rx in Gemini. I read this as a lonely childhood that developed into a rich fantasy life that came true. Mars describes the Men you like, your true and one honeybun, and like a true Fairy Princess Martha Louise roused the Royals with her marriage (Mars in Aquarius trine Venus-Uranus in Libra). She married a ForkLift operator! She went for the Mars-Uranus-Saturn guy. (Well, actually he's a writer with Venus in Leo trine Jupiter on the AP in Capricorn. Rex Bills needs to add that aspect to "Guys Who Marry Princesses" rulerships)

So for a while there I guess it was Tabloid City. But all was good as True Love is. Since 2002, the Princess has lived happily ever after with her Stud Muffin Truck Driver and has had two Perfect Children who are total cherubs. Then Uranus and the North Node hit her Unaspected Mercury in Virgo and it's Tabloid City all over again. She's founded a School for Healing called Astarte Education where she teaches people to talk to Angels. The papers are full of comments about how she should "seek treatment." What do those Idiots want? A Golf Game? Ick. I prefer my Princesses talking to Angels.

Martha Louise's Progressed Sun has been passing out of Libra and into Scorpio during these last years of huge changes. That can be a very empowering time for a Virgo Sun. During that time she ran off with the Truck Driver/Writer, had two children and moved out of her Country. Big Scorpio changes. It would be great to see what her birth time is because her Natal Moon in the noontime chart is close to this point. So, she's parking a little Mercury-Uranus action right now, so what? If the Princess says she can feel a Pea under the 20 mattresses, then there's probably a Pea under the bed. Just check it and shut up you icky unimaginiative old coots.

Oh, by the way, Rex Bills says that Fairies are ruled by Neptune. Not only did Uranus and the Node Node hit FairyP's Mercury but natally she's got a conjunction of Neptune with Jupiter at the beginning of Sagittarius. This is opposed by Saturn Retrograde in Gemini. That explains why the constant opposition by the stodgy old farts.

Sigh. Life is hard. Into every Grand Trine a little rain must pour.

The End.

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