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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dee-Moore Murder, 1964

One heinous crime relating to the Civil Rights Movement received a small bit of Justice on August 24 as a Ku Klux Klan member was sent to jail for 3 consecutive life sentences for the murders of two 19 year old boys. The murders happened 43 years ago.

After such a long time, the crime was brought back to light. Such a boomerang effect could only be Uranus' doing. I'll use this blog to maybe show how through this case, one can see the "Reawakening" or Boomerang effect of Uranus which symbolizes Society and Collective Conscious. I'll also look at the Karmic Payback effects of the Saturn Return in this case of the Perpetrator. And I'll also look at the Nodal Return as indicator for Individual Justice for the victims. I don't have much Birth Information to go on but I'm pretty excited by how such simple return charts tell the story (in retrospect at least).

Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee, both 19, were murdered on the evening of May 2, 1964 in Meadville, Mississippi. One of their torsos was found floating in a lake by a fisherman a few days later and the rest of their body parts were slowly retrieved by authorities days later. Two Ku Klux Klan members eventually confessed to the murders, were fined $5000 with a slap on the wrist and sent home. The case was eclipsed in the media by another multiple murder of Civil Rights Activists in the area at the time and the community, family and friends were left to grieve in quiet terror for more than 40 years.

Astrologically, the mid-60s were going through a major outer planet transit as Uranus and Pluto were both transiting through Virgo and opposed by Saturn in Pisces. This aspect is now mirrored by Uranus' transit through Pisces and magnified through its conjunction with the transiting Nodes in Pisces and Virgo. The 1964 conjunction-opposition was a tough transit (Saturn and Pluto) but it is thought to be responsible for the rebellion and fight for freedom (Uranus) of the Civil Rights Movement (Uranus, Virgo-Pisces axis) at the time.

The man convicted is James Seale. Seale was born in 1936, we know not where, we care not why. But we can at least tell through the year that he has Saturn in Pisces in his natal chart. At Age 29, he would have been going through or close to going through his first Saturn Return in Pisces. What we do during our Saturn Return, the decisions we make, will often be difficult ones for us. If we make the wrong choice we will be forced to pay the piper down the road. That's the idea behind the Saturn Return, at any rate.

It's interesting that the man who committed the crime with Seale, Myron Wayne, testified against Seale in exchange for immunity. The Feds called this "Making a Pact With the Devil." This means that one perpetrator has been brought to Justice and one is running around loose. Mr. Wayne was 31 in 1964, time of the murders, and was probably not going through any major Return transits. Kind of makes me wonder if this is somehow connected to the fact that the phrase "What goes around comes around?" doesn't always apply. It also makes me think that it's better to have Saturn in Aquarius than Saturn in Pisces, natally, but it's just plain bad astrology to judge the signs so simply.

Seale and his Ku Klux Klan friends picked up two hitchhikers, Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee, tied them to a tree and beat them and then dumped them in a body of water called "The Devil's Punchbowl." (I'm just gonna keep repeating this story). They suspected that Dee was working for the Civil Rights Movement and killed Moore just for the Hell of it. The local police dropped the case in 1965 as did the Federal Investigators in 1966.

As was said before, Saturn was in Pisces both when Seale was born and when he committed the murders. Thomas Moore, brother of one of the victims, Charles Eddie Moore, began to once again investigate the case in November 1998. Saturn was at the end of Aries. That's too far past Seale's 2d Saturn Return but perhaps something else happened in the 2 years before when Saturn was in Pisces to bring up the case once again. I think there may have been a book published or something during those years which maybe brought the murders back to the public attention.

The Feds officially reopened the case in 2000 when Uranus and Neptune were both in Aquarius opposite the Murder event chart's Sun. Remember Uranus was conjunct Pluto and opposite Saturn at the time of the murder? Seale was convicted back in June of this year and as of today's sentencing, August 24, 2007, Uranus and the North Node are in Pisces at 18 and 12 degrees respectively. They are opposite the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the crime chart. One wonders how closely Uranus and North Node are aspecting Seale's Saturn in Pisces.

The two victims were 19 when they were murdered. That means they were close to going through their Nodal Returns (in Cancer). According to an article on the Internet (link is somewhere below, article written by his brother), Charles Eddie Moore was born Aug. 10, 1944 (place?) and had a North Node of 28 Cancer so he was past his Nodal Return. I've only found a birth year of 1945 for Henry Hezekiah Dee. That means he was younger than Moore and that his birthday must have been between January and May 2, 1945 and his North Node would have been at an earlier degree in Cancer. Moore's Brother, Thomas Moore, says in his essay "I Want Justice" (www.csindy.com/csindy/2005-08-04/cover.html) that his interest in seeking Justice resurged in November, 1998. The case was officially reopened for investigation in 2000 and magically, the North Node moved into Cancer that year. It was exact to Charles Moore's North Node in April and May.

(There are a lot of other aspects to look at with regards to Moore's chart. Moore was a Leo Sun with Taurus Moon and it seems his case began to find resolve during the grand conjunction in Taurus of Saturn and Jupiter in 2000. Saturn and Jupiter working together bring change through Government. There was also a Grand Square Eclipse on his Sun in August, 1999. Moore natally had a square between Saturn and Neptune and this trial finally occurred while the Saturn-Neptune opposition was transiting very slowly over his Sun.)

I would like to comment of the chart of James Seale, convicted June 14, 2007, but can't find his birth information. He's a cagey one, that old bird. When the Federal Investigators initially tried to ask him for his birth information back in 1966, he wouldn't even give it to them so how would an Astrologer fare? Hope the boys in Jail know what to do with him. If you want to read his stupid comments verbatim the transcript is online; go here: http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/comments.php?id=12508_0_9_0_C.

This links to a Memorial of those murdered in the Civil Rights movement: http://library.thinkquest.org/CRO215688/Memorial%20page.html.

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