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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Ha! It looks like Mercury Retrograde ate my post. This was about Chuck Yeager's historic flight where he broke the Sound Barrier. Either Blogger has konked out or my new Virus spyware is monkeying around with my posts. Looks like the thing has disappeared into thin air. Guess that's appropriate.

Anyway, Yeager broke the Sound Barrier while Saturn-Pluto and Mars were conjunct his natal Neptune and opposing his Sun in Aquarius. He did it with two broken ribs and lots of competition and controversy. Steve Fossey, who just vanished into unknown regions while flying over the similar part of the World is also going through a similar conjunction, I believe. T. Pluto on natal Neptune or vice versa.

Well, Blogger and/or the Spyware ate my post.

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