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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Parallel Women in Power Struggles: Double Venus Cycle?

I found an amazing coincidental correspondence between the lives and charts of two female Political leaders who are currently in heavy power struggles to improve their countries. I hope to be able to communicate this information.

In the charts of the two women I'm going to discuss, both have Suns are in the last degrees of Gemini (on or damn close to the Aries Point of Cancer which equals home and homeland). Both have Libra Moons. Both have Venus in Taurus (within a degree of other). This means that both their Moon and Venus signs are ruled by Venus. Both have natal Venus square Pluto. the fact that both women and their countries are now in the news in very drastic situations might be an incredible example of how the Double Venus Return cycle works. (Please link on the "Venus" or "Returns" label down below to read my other blogs about this).

Transiting Pluto now opposes these women's Suns. Oppositions show, well, "opposition" and often indicate relationship struggles. Pluto and the Sun are all about power so they are currently in passionate, under-handed Plutonian struggles for power. Both women were elected Prime Ministers of their countries in 1988-89 as Uranus-Neptune and Saturn were opposing their Suns. It looked for a short whilelike both countries would open up to Democracy but both women were driven out by the old guard immediately. It's interesting to note that Neptune, Uranus and Saturn were just finished passing over the Galactic Center as the women won their elections and Pluto is in that position right now.

I'm still not saying who they are and if you scroll down you'll lose this next bit of information.

Saturn, Neptune, Uranus cycles are hooked into a larger 500 year cycle of planetary returns that has been studied for its affect on Civilizations across the World. In particular there is a correspondence between the Neptune-Uranus midpoint and Saturn that linked up in December, 1988. The previous one was in 1488. I'm going to try to blog about this cycle later. It's available in an old, probably out-of-print, pamphlet published by the American Federation of Astrologers c.1974, written by Everett Blackman called: "Astrology: Worlds Visible and Invisible." This cycle is reduced to smaller cycles of 13 years & 39 1/2 years. The women and their countries have struggled now for half of the latter of these cycles which is considered an important cut-off point. It's interesting that in these two charts, both women have a Saturn-Neptune aspect. Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, even has a natal conjunction of Saturn-Neptune squaring of Uranus. The other woman, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar has a Saturn-Neptune square. I blabbed their names.

Their charts aren't all they have in common, their stories are almost parallel. Both were raised in countries in political turmoil. Both born to important political families with Fathers who were leaders in their countries and who were executed. Both educated in Western traditions, both at Oxford University. Both married with children. Both elected as Prime Ministers in their countries and then jailed/exiled in 1989. Both back in the news right now as t. Pluto opposed their Suns, the political strife in their countries worse than ever. Both preach Love and Pacifism against brutal Military regimes that have managed to oppress them. Both are very popular with their people and with the International Community. (Well, Benazir Bhutto's has had problems with accusations of money embezzlement by the Europeans, her unaspected Jupiter may have gotten the best of her).

So remember, these women seem to be representing the Double Venus Return cycle which is said to perhaps bring Women into power. Also Pluto passing over the Galactic Center and opposing their Suns is bringing them back into power that they earned when Neptune, Uranus and Saturn were passing over that point. Plus, they seem to be hooked into the 500 year cycle that shows rise and fall of cultures across the Globe. They are both Pacifists trying to bring Democracy to their countries, fighting against old regimes. They were both elected by their people as Prime Ministers who are oppressed by great Militant anger, old regime and unrest in their countries. (well it sort of looks like Bhutto and her husband might be a little corrupt). At any rate, this really is amazing.


Aung San Suu Kyi, Prime Minister of Burma

b. June 19, 1945 Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar)

Sun 28 Gemini; Moon Libra; NN 10 Cancer

Sun conjunct Mercury over the Cancer AP. (Words gain into Public, famous speech: "Freedom from Fear")

Neptune squaring Saturn-NN in Cancer (Moon may be conjunct Neptune?) (loss, compassion)

Jupiter in Virgo square Uranus in Gemini (reformation)

Venus 13 Taurus-Mars 6 Taurus square Pluto in Leo (volatility, willfulness)

Suu Kyi has been held in house arrest off and on by the Myanmar (Burmese) militia since 1989. She has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her passive resistance (1991).

Suu Kyi's Father negotiated Burma's Independence in 1947 and was assassinated that year. Her Mother continued in Politics. She was educated at Oxford and University of London. Married with two children but husband died in 1999 in the UK. She did not go to be with him because she would not be allowed back into the country. She returned to Burma in 1988 to take care of her sick Mother and Military violence broke out. A Pacifist who follows the teachings of Ghandi, she was working to negotiate Peace she was put under House arrest on July 20, 1989. Her progressed Sun was conjunct her natal Pluto. She was elected Prime Minister in 1990 but couldn't act as such because of arrest. Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. Was due to be released in 2006 but still hasn't been released.


Benazir Bhutto

b. June 21, 1953 Karachi, Pakistan

Sun 30 Gemini; Moon Libra; NN 6 Aquarius

Bhutto was schooled in the West, studying at Harvard and Oxford. Her Father was Prime Minister of Pakistan and was executed on Apr. 4, 1979 for allegedly conspiring to commit murder. She was elected as Prime Minister first in 1988 and removed after 20 months on corruption charges by the President (no trial). Elected again in 1996 and removed once again on corruption charges (no trial, but she has been tried in Switzerland and found guilty). She is married and has 3 children. Lived in exile in Dubai since 1996 and returned Oct. 17, 2007 to Pakistan. Last week, Oct. 17, she returned to Pakistan and was her life was immediately imperiled. A suicide bomber murdered 143 people and injuring more than 400 in an attempt to kill her. She says she won't let the Militants scare her off. She is currently going through a Mars Return and over the next year, Pluto is opposing her Sun-Mars conjunction on the Aries Point. Her progressed Sun is conjunct her natal Pluto to the degree (squaring natal Venus). She needs to be careful.

Sun c. Mars 5 Cancer, unaspected (Warrior qualities projected to Public over Aries Point, patriotism)

Jupiter unaspected in Gemini (international appeal, intellectually opinionated).

Venus 14 Taurus square Pluto 22 Leo (willfulness in relationships, strong emotional undercurrents)

Strong t-square: Apex is Saturn 21 Libra-Neptune 22 Libra-Moon in Libra squaring opposition of Uranus 18 Cancer-Mercury 25 Cancer opposite Chiron in Capricorn. (strong outer planet aspect conjunct inner planets. Saturn-Neptune same as Suu Kyi).

Moon maybe conjunct Saturn 21 Libra Rx and Neptune 22 Libra Rx

So there. I hope this makes sense. It's really remarkable.

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Blogger Twilight said...

Remarkable indeed!

Two very brave ladies - and some amazing similarities.

I was glad when I first read that Benazir Bhutto was to return to Pakistan, but now I feel a little worried. Things haven't started well.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Thanks Twilight!

Yes, it doesn't look like a good time for Bhutto to come back, too many Pluto-Sun-Mars aspects. Not to mention that bombing, of course.

2:58 PM  

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