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Monday, October 15, 2007

Carol Anne Gotbaum

This story has been all over the news. Carol Anne Gotbaum was a well-respected New Yorker who died while in Police Custody in the Phoenix Airport on September 28, 2007. She had reportedly developed a drinking problem within the last 3 years. I remember hearing that her Father passed away around that time so that may have been the trigger for her downward spiral. She was on her way to a rehab center in Tucson and had missed her first flight, had had to wait for a second flight and missed that flight as well. When she was denied onto the second flight she flipped out and started screaming. The Police were called. Here's a link to an article that gives the story along with times: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/10/05/national/main3333570.shtml.

Carol Anne Gotbaum's obituary says that she was born in 1961. This is all the Birth Info I can find for her. This may narrow her Birth Date down to being between Sept. 29 and Dec. 31, 1961 in South Africa (Cape Town?). During these 3 months, Jupiter passed from Capricorn to Aquarius and Uranus moved from Leo into Virgo which doesn't make interpretation any easier. It does look like Saturn's transit into Virgo was affecting her Uranus. She would have had Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Scorpio. This means that she was going through her Neptune square which is a time when one can be very vulnerable to developing a Drug & Alcohol problem. It also means that as she was sitting in the Airport waiting for the flight, her Saturn was passing through the 1st house of the event chart. I suppose this isn't the best location for Saturn to be in when one is "waiting" to catch a "delayed" flight while on the way to seek treatment for a "socially embarassing condition". Saturn passes through this spot every day but this would be the time when one is most vulnerable to depression and feeling like a failure in society's eyes.


1:06pm - Gotbaum arrived late at Gate for 1st Flight after doors shut.
1:06pm - 0 Capricorn Rising
2:49pm - Police get a call about a Loud, Screaming Woman at another Gate (2d flight)
2:53pm - Police tackle Gotbaum to the ground while placing her under arrest.
3:05pm - 0 Aquarius Rising
3:29pm - Gotbaum pronounced dead while in police custody.
around 6pm - Husband Noah Gotbaum notified that his wife had died.
6:01pm - 0 Aries Rising

The event chart is loaded. It has a Mystic Triangle, a Yod and a Grand Trine. The Pisces NN is involved in all 3 configurations. Pisces rules imprisonment, drugs, alcohol, and victims (and film, media attention). Saturn is conjunct the South Node in Virgo. Virgo rules Police and Saturn rules Lessons and overbearing use of Authority and the South Node shows that Virgo traits (cold analysis) need to be constantly balanced out by Pisces (empathy) traits at this time.

The Sun in Libra is squaring the Mars-Pluto opposition and is passing through the 8th House while Carol Anne is detained and dies. This is a very violent aspect, people are short tempered and impatient and use of force could be extreme. It also could indicate suicide, certainly she would have been at danger. Mars is also on the Aries Point passing from Gemini to Cancer as this event happens. The situation comes to the public's attention.

There are 3 oppositions. The one that stands out is the opposition between Mars and Pluto. Mars is also squaring the Sun (Sun out of orb to square Pluto). This placement shows violence and use of force and it is conjunct the ASC and DESC axis as Carol Anne was denied access onto the first flight. This explains why she would have overreacted but it also indicates that probably she wasn't treated very kindly at the Gate. Some days you can handle that, when you're on your way to Rehab, it's not so easy. This opposition was passing through the 6th-12th house axis as she was arrested and had just passed into the 5th-11th house when she was declared dead.

Noah Gotbaum, Carol Anne's husband, was not told about her death by the Police until 2 hours after she died. He was told around 6 pm just as Pluto hit the MC and Mars hit the IC and Aries was rising at 1 degree! The Aries Point once again. The story caught on like wild fire. The Sun was opposing the ASC from H7 and squaring the Mars-Pluto opposition from the 7th house (husband)! The Sun during this whole time was also apex to a Yod inconjunct to the Pisces NN on one leg and the Moon on the other leg. What a wild configuration to learn about the death of one's spouse! This makes one wonder what the police did to cover things up. Neptune, Chiron and the NN were in the 1st house.

The 2d opposition is between Venus in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. Venus was in the 8th house along with Saturn when Carol Anne was denied her first flight. This describes a feeling of deep desperation and loneliness. Venus passed into the 7th House as she was denied the second flight and also while she was detained and died. Neptune, opposing that Venus, was of course in the 1st house along with Chiron during Carol Anne's last minutes. This indicates some chance that she had taken drugs or alcohol while waiting. Considering her Neptune was squaring Neptune opposite Venus shows that she was extra vulnerable. This also shows the media publicity and popularity of the arrest video.

The 3d opposition was the opposition of Mercury at 1 Scorpio opposite Moon at 4 Taurus. Taurus rules the neck and Scorpio rules death, murder, would probably be involved in strangulation or choking. Mind and Emotions were not harmonizing. Nobody involved was using their heads. The woman at the Gate was unsympathetic to her customer's needs and called the Police at 2:49pm and by 2:53 the police had knocked Carol Anne to the ground and had her in handcuffs. No one tried to calm her down or probably explain what was going to happen if she didn't calm down. She was probably not acting her best in the first place. "Warnings" I suppose would be Saturn's job. He was in the 7th House but conjunct the South Node which I suppose means that only his Authoritarian side came out. At this point, Capricorn was rising so Saturn ruled the chart. All this and the flight Gotbaum was supposed to be on hadn't even left yet.

At 3:06 pm Aquarius was rising. I'm not sure of her time of death but it would have been around now. The Police chained Carol Anne up and left her screaming and when she went silent they went to check on her. Then they claimed she strangled herself with the chain (which was linked to her handcuffs which were behind her back). Ruler Uranus was in the 2d house. That's Taurus's house which rules the neck. It could also indicate that she choked. She may have vomited and aspirated while screaming and no one paid attention. Uranus is in Pisces which rules imprisonment so one wonders what other bizarre circumstances have been happening in the jails.

The Aquarius influence certainly does describe Carol Anne's death. Headlines are full of Uranian keywords: "Bizarre Death," "Death Shocks Cops" "Puzzling Death" and all happening at a Uranian place, the Airport.

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