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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prairie Dogs

They're just so cute I had to see what signs the Prairie Dogs are. Previously I've studied the signs of the Snowy Plovers who are mostly Gemini's and Cancers. Prairie Dogs also tend to be born during certain very special months. There are two different types of Prairie Dogs as explained here: http://www.desertusa.com/dec96/du_pdogs.html. As they live in different types of environments they are born at different months and so belong to different signs.

I've heard many times that Prairie Dogs are considered as intelligent and socially sophisticated as the Dolphins which puts them far above and beyond the Humans. They till the ground with their constant burrowing and tend the grasses on the prairies in such a way that the grasses are actually more nutritious. Other animals like Buffalo and deer prefer to graze on lands where Prairie Dogs live because of this. Their only defense against predators is to raise a verbal alarm and disappear quickly. They have very sophisticated communication skills and make distinct sounds for each different predator. I've also read that they have very sophisticated underground communities.

The Black-tailed Prairie Dog lives mostly on the Plains. They mate in January and are born in March and April. This means that they're Pisces and Aries. Aries sounds the Alarm and Pisces is good at disappearing quickly.

The White-tailed Prairie Dogs live at higher altitudes and hibernate in the Winter so they don't get around to mating until March-Aprilish. This means they are born in May under the signs of Taurus and Gemini. This accounts for their highly advanced vocabulary and community planning skills.

I just love the Prairie Dogs.

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