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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saturn in Virgo / Prince Philip and Prince Charles

Have been struck dumb by the photos that are on the Internet of Princess Diana's last moments. I came across some of them accidentally and have to say I'm impressed by what Vultures these photographers are. And now I am lamely following the Inquest into the car crash that caused the Princess's death. It's taking place at the relentless 10 year request of Dodi Fayed's Father who is blaming Prince Philip for organizing the crash. Father blaming Father sounds a lot like some Saturn issues. I had to take a look.

Saturn rules the Father, Authority and Government. Both Men have strong Sun-Saturn connections, Philip has a square and Mr. Fayed has the conjunction.

And Saturn is very strong by transit here. It has recently passed into Virgo and both Prince Philip and Prince Charles have Saturn in Virgo natally. So, they are going through their Saturn Returns. Even if these Gentlemen had nothing to do with Princess Diana's death, they are forever in Karmic Debt to her unhappiness in the Public Eye.

Virgo is an interesting sign. It rules day to Day matters, realism and usually comes out squeaky clean in public on matters of dishonesty or sabotage or worse. But, what the Virgos don't want anyone to know is that they're never really that far away from flipping over into the Piscean side of things when under stress. At the drop of a hat, they complain about being martyrs, and then blame everyone around them. Virgo's know exactly what they can get away with at any given moment and then they move on without giving it a second thought. They are forever the Innocent Virgin. (And usually they really are innocent, well sort of... I have Virgo siblings).

Prince Charles is going through his 2d Saturn Return right now. The Day of Diana's crash, the Sun was conjunct his Saturn so it's very interesting that he is under the gun now after 10 years. This Return is extra heavy transit as t.Saturn is conjunct the t.South Node. That puts Fate (Nodes) and Karma (Saturn) together into one big happy package for him. Talk about the past coming up and biting you in the ass. On the plus side, Prince Charles has a well-aspected Saturn natally. It's in a Grand Trine to Moon- NN in Taurus and Jupiter at 30 Sagittarius (Aries Point). I suppose if he's involved he'll glide through this with nary a scratch.

On the other hand, in about a year from now, Prince Philip will go through his 3d Saturn Return. His 19 Virgo Saturn is afflicted, conjunct his NN at 20 Virgo. This Saturn-Node conjunction is squaring his Sun-Mercury conjunction meaning that he has managerial skills but he may suffer from cold-heartedness and cruelty at times. Managerial skills are great talents to have but, remember bin Laden and al-Zarqawi had similar squares.

At any rate, I wouldn't want to be the subject of an Inquest at any time let alone during a Saturn Return. Look what happened to Martha Stewart during her last Saturn Return.

So then, for curiosity's sake, one looks at Dodi Fayed's Saturn. Why not? This is conjunct his Descendant in Scorpio. It disposes to and squares 4th House Pluto. This can be an indicator of being born into a family where power games are very prominent. 4th house rules beginning and end of life and Pluto rules death, power games and also Fame. He did after all become famous after his death. His Father has struggled in grief and terror (Saturn square Pluto) for 10 years to set things right. He should have taught his Son to use a seat belt, Saturn afflicted can't get away with not using a seat belt.

And now we look at Dodi's Father's Saturn. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed is an Aquarius. This puts his Sun at 8 Aquarius conjunct Saturn to the degree. This conjunction is unaspected by Ptolomaic aspects so it is a very prominent influence in his chart. It combines Vitality/ego and Determination. This is what is needed to spend 10 years of fighting the British Government to find the truth out about his Son's death. His Sun-Saturn conjunction is pitted against Philip's Sun-Saturn square. Mr. Fayed's conjunction does have a Sesquiquadrate (keywords: ill-omened, choice, readjustment, resolve) aspect to Mars-Jupiter in Virgo. Mars aspecting Jupiter is sort of a Racehorse aspect. It took 10 years but he's taking this Inquest to the Finish Line in order to get Unbiased (Aquarius) facts (Virgo).

Transiting Saturn is aspecting Mr. Fayed's (Father) chart strongly as well. It is conjunct his n. Neptune-South Node conjunction in Virgo at 10 and 8 degrees respectively. So it makes sense that he would feel victimized by Philip and Charles and their Saturns. After analyzing the facts (Virgo) he will finally be able to grieve his Son.

Then, of course, Diana's Virgo planets hook into Charles' Saturn. She has a stellium of Uranus-NN in Leo with Mars-Pluto in Virgo. T.Saturn is now conjunct her angry, willful Mars-Pluto conjunction which is conjunct Charles' Saturn. What awful synastry. On top of this, the Car Crash happened on a day when the Sun was conjunct their Saturn Pluto conjunction (and the rest of Di's planets). Saturn & Pluto together, the Marriage that just keeps on taking. Last year's endless Saturn-Neptune opposition was stationing on Diana's Lilith in Leo which provided the kick-off for the inquest. Lilith was the original screwed over ex-wife in mythology.

Another thing: both Prince Philip and Prince Charles share an opposition of Jupiter to Uranus. Although not afflicted by deep dark motivations these two planets working together could indicate a problem with needing Freedom and Independence at any cost. Prince Charles' opposition is on the very public Aries Points: Jupiter 30 Sagittarius opposite Uranus 30 Gemini. At this point, his Prog. Venus and t. Pluto are close to conjunction with his natal Jupiter. Hopefully, he's innocent and will be vindicated. Either that, or he will kill Camilla too. A very emotional time for him either way.

Prince Philip's opposition is: Uranus 10 Pisces opposite Jupiter 11 Virgo. It's pronounced in his chart as these planets are the boundary planets to a bowl shape that expands out into a "Boat Shape" (where the two planets are linked by a series of sextiles on one side of the chart). This opposition is pronounced by current transits as the transiting Nodes are layered on top and Saturn's fast approaching. Also, Prince Philip's progressed Sun is at 12 Virgo on top of Jupiter.

And that's not all. Philip just had his Uranus Return last year over at the other end of the opposition. And there have been a series of Eclipses hammering on him. What a year. There have been Eclipses on or near these Pisces/Virgo points for everyone involved.

According to Rex Bills, Murder is ruled by Pluto, Mars (H12). Conspiracies are ruled by 12, Neptune, Pisces (Uranus, Pluto).

When Diana died in 1997, Philip's progressed Sun and Mercury had just entered Virgo on the spot where Saturn-SN are right now. So, he's being help responsible for what happened then. Transiting Pluto was squaring them in Sagittarius. His Progressed Mars was conjunct his Natal Neptune which is maybe conjunct his n.Moon in Leo. That does look a little conspiratorial. This Moon-Neptune conjunction is in Charles' First House very close to his Ascendant. I don't have a birth time for Prince Philip so don't know his Ascendant or exact Moon placement.

Diana's death has been discussed. The Sun conjunct her Pluto-Mars plus multiple other aspects on different levels.

Prince Philip

b. June 10, 1921

Prince Charles

b. Nov. 14, 1948 9:14pm London, England

Dodi Fayed

b. April 15, 1955, Alexandria, Egypt

Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed

b. Jan. 27, 1933 Alexandria, Egypt

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