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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Truly Expensive Love

My search for the secret to True Love as foretold by a birth chart is really getting quite stressful. Not that I won't figure it out -- eventually. I just need a break. Here's a link to Forbe's article entitled: "By the Numbers: The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces" http://www.forbes.com/business/2007/04/12/celebrity-divorce-hollywood-biz-cx_0412divorcelander.html.

This article lists numerically Celebrity couples according to how expensive their Divorces were. They are only Celebrities and they are only Divorces from the last 25 years. In Astro terms this means that many have Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo. I think that Pluto in Cancer and Scorpio might tend to battle to the very end of such things.

This has turned out to be quite a good learning experience. I've checked the Husbands' charts since they were the Breadwinners for very easy indicators. Out the of the 10 charts it appears that only one of the women seems to be a true Gold Digger so I'm impressed by that. The other women were officially married to the Men while the Men raked it in and that in my opinion makes them entitled.

I've only checked the Husbands charts as most of the wives' birth information isn't available. Looked at 4th (Home life), 7th (Marriage), & 8th (Shared Finances) Houses and found that often these houses are empty. Suppose this means that these areas of life aren't where interests lie and so this shows a vulnerable spot in life? In the charts where time is available, you can see that Moon, Sun and Venus rarely figure in these houses which indicates that these people look for mostly business/excitement in their relationships. They like women who will help them with these aspects of life rather than the personal needs nature of the missing planets.

Also checked Venus as she rules both marriage, women, and money and found that their Venuses are often afflicted or unaspected (by Ptolomaic aspect). Advice for the Golddiggers: Venus in Libra, unaspected by major aspects and Mars in Leo seems to be a good chart to look for in a financial pushover. Advice for men with these aspects: Pre-nup, no matter what.

Also checked ASC/DESC when birth time available. Found that Neptune aspecting/ruling the ASC/DESC line is common, gives one magnetism to succeed as a celebrity but indicates the wool get pulled over the eyes regarding partnerships. Maybe makes it easier to Divorce for money as Neptune can make a guy a "stray cat" and "alcohol-drug dependent." Those are always good arguments in Divorce Court.

Lastly, checked Uranus, the planet that's thought to rule Divorce, and found that often Uranus is strongly aspected to other outer planets. That may show that these are men who appeal to their generations. Success often leads to complicated, erratic relationships as powers shift and trust is unreliable. Uranus brings emotional distance which is great for business and risk taking but a little weak on the intimacy scales.

ASC/DESC aspect for afflictions
Nodal Axis for afflictions
Houses 7 for Marriage, House 8 for Shared Finances, House 4 for Domestic Hell
Venus for Marriage
Uranus for Divorce
Mercury for Contracts
Mars for Husbands' Attitude

#10) $15-25 M: Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall.
Mick Jagger:
House 7: empty / Jupiter rules
House 8: empty / Saturn rules
House 4: Mercury, Jupiter-Pluto conjunction to IC from H3 / Sun rules
Uranus in Gemini conjunct ASC.
Venus in Virgo (H5) square Uranus & ASC/DESC line.
Mars afflicted. Squares the MC/ASC, squares Jupitier-Pluto-IC, squares rulers of ASC/DESC.

#9) $20M: Lionel & Diane Richie.
Lionel Richie: No House information available due to lack of birth time.
Venus in Cancer squares Neptune in Libra and Nodal Axis, NN in Aries.
Sun in Gemini conjunct Uranus 1 Cancer, that's right over the Aries Point. Publicity over Divorce-Contracts-Homelife.

#8) $45 M: Michael & Diandra Douglas.
Michael Douglas:
House 7: Uranus c. H8 cusp (conflict in marriage w/ finances, divorce) / Venus rules
H4 empty / Uranus rules
H8: Saturn in Cancer / Mercury rules
Venus in Libra in H12, unaspected by ptolomaic aspects. Rules DESC.
Pluto squares ASC / DESC from H9
Uranus in Gemini is in H8 of Joint Resources.

#7) $50M: James Cameron & Linda Hamilton.
James Cameron: No Houses available due to lack of birth time
Venus in Libra unaspected by ptolomaic aspects
Venus squares Nodes, Capricorn NN
Uranus (Divorce) conjunct Jupiter in Cancer (homelife) squaring Neptune in Libra (marriage).

#6) $60M: Paul McCartney & Heather Mills.
Paul McCartney:
House 7: empty / Jupiter rules
House 4: empty / Neptune rules
House 8: empty / Mars rules
Neptune conjunct Ascendant, rules H7
Venus in Taurus square Moon and trine Neptune
Neptune trines Saturn conjunct Uranus in H9.
Mercury rules ASC & MC, is in Gemini semisquare Mars-Pluto in Leo. (Temper/Ego can harm in Contracts)

#5) $80M: Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva.
Kevin Costner:
House 7: Mars / Neptune rules
House 4: Empty / Jupiter rules
House 8: empty / Mars rules
Venus in Taurus (H9) squares Moon in Leo. CHECK
Neptune afflicted in H2 as apex to t-square to Sun opposite Uranus.
Sun opposite Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer squaring Neptune in Libra in H2.

#4) $85M: Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison.
Harrison Ford:
House 7: empty / Mars rules
House 4: empty / Saturn rules
House 8: empty / Mars rules
Venus in Gemini in H9. Only major aspect is sextile to Mars. Venus rules ASC & Mars rules DESC
Neptune conjunct ASC from H12.
Uranus ______
Mars in Leo (h11)

#3) $100M: Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving.
Steven Spielberg:
House 7: Neptune / Saturn rules in H2 c. Pluto.
House 4: Empty / Mercury rules
House 8: empty / Uranus rules
Afflicted Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio squaring Saturn-Pluto in Cancer (H2) and inconjunct Uranus in Gemini in H11.
Moon in Scorpio in H5 is also squaring Saturn-Pluto.

#2) $150M: Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphy.
Neil Diamond:
House 7: conjunction Jupiter-Saturn / Mars Rules
House 4: Sun-Mercury / Saturn rules
House 8: Uranus / Venus rules
Venus rules chart, Mars rules DESC.
Interesting that Neil Diamond gladly gave the money to his ex saying "She was worth every penny." One can see the importance he places on partnership and home from the planets placed in respective houses.
Venus in H3 trine Jupiter-Saturn. Moon in Capricorn.
Sun opposite Pluto squared by Saturn-Jupiter.

#1) $150M: Michael Jordan & Juanita Jordan.
Michael Jordan:
House 7: Moon in Sagittarius / Pluto rules
House 4: Mars in Leo / Sun rules
House 8: empty / Jupiter rules
Venus in Capricorn (H9) well aspected to Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter.
Neptune in Scorpio conjunct DESC and afflicted as apex to t-square Mars opposite Saturn.
Sun opposite Uranus c. Pluto.
Pluto rules the DESC. Venus rules the Chart.

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