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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hollywood Writer's Strike

Sigh. It's the middle of the night and all my Magic TV boyfriends are in re-runs. No Leno. No Letterman. No Fergusson. No Conan. This is why Stephen Colbert had to cut short his Political Campaign for President!!!! Hollywood's writers are striking for the first time since 1988. At that point the Industry was crippled for 5 1/2 months. I didn't have a TV back then so I don't remember it personally, but I believe the strike occurred March to August, 1988. What kind of cyclic Hell is this? Hmmm, that's slightly less than 20 years -- a Nodal Return? Yup. The North Node was in Pisces, sign of the Film Industry and Hollywood and Glamour and the South Node was in Virgo, one of the signs of Writers and of Labor Unions.

Also currently in Virgo, we've got Saturn who, according to Rex Bills, is co-ruler of Labor and Labor Unions. And just in its infancy is an opposition from Saturn to Uranus in Pisces. Uranus rules Strikes (along with H12, Scorpio, H6). We can see the beginnings of this in other more important events, it seems to not just be a problem for Hollywood. Many countries across the Globe are in Military Lock-Down due to people protesting against their Governments. Pakistan, Myanmar, Venezuela, and of course the Middle East. The U.S. ought to be protesting its Government but we're so flacid at this point there's nothing'll get us off the couch. Well, you take our Comedy Talk Shows away, we might get a little peeved. As the Stock Market has begun to sink I'm also remembering the big Stock Market crash that happened in Oct. 1987. And then when we look at the outer planet transits we see some ugly similarities... Gawd, Good Thing that Anderson Cooper can ad-lib on his own.

First of all, we can't blame this on some inner planet retrograde. We're just coming out of Mercury Rx and going into Mars Rx so I thought maybe this is so. Just a blip and Leno will be back by next Monday and the market is only tanking because the Hollywood Writers are selling some stocks to tide themselves over. But another possible connection is the Saturn-Uranus opposition that is just forming now. Currently it is in the same sign as the Nodes, Virgo and Pisces and it's more long term.

Back in March, 1988, Saturn and Uranus were in conjunction in Capricorn and Rx'd back into Sagittarius at the spot where Pluto is right now. Jupiter will be in conjunction at this spot also in December. This certainly shows a Mutable Sign emphasis without Gemini's sweet presence. The lead sign for Writers and Contracts is missing from the equation.

Contracts are co-ruled by Libra the Negotiators. Get us some Libras fast!! Shoot, Libra Dennis Kucinich tried to oust Cheney this week but failed. And No One around to make us laugh about it before the Tylenol PM knocks us out at night.

Boy, I don't know ... Pluto is going to be joining Saturn & Uranus in 2010. Who needs Hollywood writers when "Mad Max" is running through your own backyard for real?

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