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Monday, November 05, 2007

Mean Old Moon Survey List

Incessantly the other signs complain that Moon in Capricorns are ambitious, selfish, untalented, and have no compassion for others. So, I decided to look at the Moon Signs of all the people who work for the Bush Administration since I consider this to be a set of people who have too much ambition and absolutely no compassion for others. Is the place swarming with Capricorn Moons or what? Well, Andrew Card was crap and he has a Capricorn Moon, so there you go. Forget about all those other Moon Signs.... You can also forget about Habeas Corpus, Social Security, the Budget, the Middle Class, what else? Well, I think the Military is used up. Look at all the "good" "compassionate" Moon Signs who did this.

Actually, the Bush Crowd seems to reflect sensitive, social people which is great in Government if you're working stuck at the Post Office all day. But, Saturn rules Government and Leadership, not Neptune, not the Moon, not Virgo, not Aquarius, certainly not Mars. You stick a bunch of sweet Neptunians in there you get an Institutional Nightmare. Those WMDs? The Windmills of the Mind, Shrubbie. This is the kind of situation that attracts the bad qualities of Saturn. Saturn doesn't do well with mop up, that really is a weakness. Just ask, oh no I wasn't going to say it....oh noooo, here comes....I'll sing it...

"If you knew Hitler
Like I knew Hitler...."

But this Capricorn Moon as Scapegoat of the Astrologers thing is really getting out of hand. Thank God Cap Moons have such a dark sense of humor and deep insights into the motivations of the human soul. For, as Pluto moves into Capricorn, Astrologers have even begun changing the Moon Sign of the United States' chart from Aquarius to Capricorn. Has the Bush Administration taken over the Astrological Community as well? No one can agree on a Rising Sign for the U.S. chart anyway. So, as long as the U.S. loses its position of World Dominance, well then, give it a Capricorn Moon. God Damned Losers. It must not be fun to pick on an Aquarius Moon. I wouldn't pick on Joan Crawford if you paid me a million dollars.

Since the Moon moves quickly, and I don't have birth times for most of the Bush Administrators, it is impossible to know what many of their Moon signs are. This is just a preliminary fielding, me wasting my time in order to see if reality is as slanted as astrologer's opinions are. Frankly I am shocked that not only do Capricorn Moons make a relatively weak showing considering what Evil Jerks they are, but so do Scorpio Suns, those other bastards of the Astro-World (Sun signs not listed). Hmmm, I seem to remember that Guantanamo was full of Scorpio Suns when I did that survey. What's this saying? The Sun Sign Survey should come next to be fair but there are so many Cancers leading this pack I'm personally having trouble facing up to it.

Here are some current Mean Bastard Capricorn Moons in Politics in addition to those listed below: Al Gore, John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and tee hee, Michael Moore.

And this list is interesting not because I want to diss a certain Moon sign or defend another one but because it seems that there is a prevalence of Moon Signs that reflect Bush and Cheney's charts. Like Dictators, whatever signs they may be, these guys don't want anyone around who will feel differently than they do or who will question their motives. Look at the prevalence of Cheney's main signs: Aquarius-Pisces-Virgo, and Bush's: Cancer-Leo-Libra.

Here we go. The Emotional Needs and Subconscious Re-active Qualities of the Bush Administration as indicated by their Moon placements:

George W. Bush: Moon in Libra
Dick Cheney: Moon in Pisces
Colin Powell: Moon in Aquarius or Capricorn
Donald Rumsfeld: Moon in Libra
Carl Rove: Moon in Cancer
Robert Gates: Moon in Leo
Condoleeza Rice: Moon in Cancer
Paul O'Neill: Moon in Pisces or Aries
John W. Snow: Moon in Aquarius or Pisces
Henry Paulson: Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius
John Ashcroft: Moon in Pisces
Alberto Gonzales: Moon in Aquarius
Michael Mukasey: Moon in Virgo
Gale Norton: Moon in Gemini
Dirk Kempthorne: Moon in Libra
Ann Veneman: Moon in Leo
Mike Johanns: Moon in Cancer or Leo
Donald Evans: Moon in Cancer
Carlos Gutierrez: Moon in Libra
Elaine Chao: Moon in Leo
John Michael McConnell: Moon in Taurus
Fred Fielding: Moon in Pisces or Aries
Scooter Libby: Moon in Sagittarius
Paul Wolfowitz: Moon in Libra or Scorpio
Gordon England: Moon in Capricorn
George Tenet: Moon in Virgo
Porter J. Goss: Moon in Cancer or Leo
John E. McLaughlin: Moon in Aquarius or Pisces
General Michael Hayden: Moon in Taurus

Louis Freeh: Moon in Leo
Thomas J. Pickard: Moon in Leo

Robert S. Mueller: Moon in Pisces
Meghan O'Sullivan: Moon in Libra
Douglas Lute: n.d.
John Negroponte: Moon in Virgo or Libra
John Danforth: Moon in Taurus or Aries
John R. Bolton: Moon in Cancer
Zalmay Khalizad: Moon in Virgo
Ari Fleischer: Moon in Cancer or Leo
Scott McClellan: Moon in Leo
Tony Snow: Moon in Libra or Scorpio
Dana Perino: Moon in Pisces or Aries
Alan Greenspan: Moon in Capricorn or Sagittarius
Ben Bernanke: Moon in Pisces
Joseph Hagin: Moon in Libra or Scorpio
Joshua Bolten: Moon in Pisces
Joel Kaplan: n.d.
Michael Powell: Moon in Aquarius or Pisces
Kevin Martin: Moon in Capricorn
Justice John Roberts: Moon in Pisces
Justice Harriet Miers: Moon in Virgo
Justice Samuel Alito: Moon in Virgo
Tommy Thompson: Moon in Scorpio or Sagittarius
Michael Leavitt: Moon in Aries or Taurus
Rod Paige: Moon in Aries or Taurus
Margaret Spellings: Moon in Pisces
Mel Martinez: Moon in Virgo or Libra
Alphonso Jackson: Moon in Libra
Norman Mineta: Moon in Sagittarius or Capricorn
Mary Peters: Moon in Capricorn
Spencer Abraham: Moon in Aquarius
Samuel Bodham: n.d.
Anthony Principi: Moon in Capricorn
Jim Nicholson: Moon in Pisces or Aries
Tom Ridge: Moon in Aries or Taurus
Michael Chertoff: Moon in Virgo
Andrew Card: Moon in Capricorn Uh Oh
Christine Todd Whitman: Moon in Libra
Stephen L. Johnson: Moon in Leo or Virgo
Mitch Daniels: Moon in Cancer
Rob Portman: Moon in Aquarius
John P. Walters: n.d.
Robert Zoellick: Moon in Capricorn
Susan Schwab: Moon in Pisces
Karen Hughes: Moon in Libra or Scorpio
Mary Matalin: Moon in Sagittarius

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