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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Run, Baby, Run! Paula Radcliffe

A Psychic once told me that although I'm an old soul I don't reincarnate very often because I don't enjoy myself very much in human form. Well, I have no idea whether reincarnation really exists, but, just to be prepared in advance I'm planning ahead. I've decided that in my next life, I will be very good at doing two things which I associate with being a person who's happy to exist in her human body. For one, I'm going to be able to sing and for Two, I'm going to be able to run fast. So when I see human/animal/vegetable who can do either of these things really well I rejoice in their talents. Today an English woman named Paula Radcliffe won the New York Marathon only months after giving birth to her daughter. Oi. Talk about feeling okay in your human body... I want to go back to bed just thinking about it. I wonder if she has nightmares at night about people who run in a penguin waddle like me.

Paula Radcliffe

b. Dec. 17, 1973 Davenham, Cheshire

Sun 26 Sagittarius; Moon either in Virgo or Libra; NN 29 Sagittarius

Wow. Pluto is transiting over her Sun-NN conjunction. Sagittarians are supposed to be sporty and athletic, you sprinkle a little Pluto on em and watch em go. Sagittarius rules the thighs and hips so Radcliffe really is taking advantage of her Astro-given body parts here. (I won't crack a "Thunder Thighs joke except here in the parentheses). She's won all but one of the long distance races she's been in and has broken many records. And she hates performance enhancing drugs. The fastest person is always the most ethical, funny how that happens, isn't it?

Radcliffe's Sun is just really amazing and also informative. It's in Sagittarius c. NN as already mentioned so it's no Wonder that she's athletic. But Sun is also in a Mystic Rectangle with Mars (Speed), Saturn (Endurance) and Uranus (Flight). In other words, she's got so much locomotion it's absolutely Mystical how she gets from Point A to Point B. Mars was the first thing I looked at, of course, as it rules Movement before anything else. Mars is in its own sign Aries, trining the Sun, opposing Uranus in Libra and sextiling Saturn in Cancer. The Saturn in Cancer was confounding to me as I don't normally associate it with speed and Saturn here is Retrograde and opposite the Sun. But Saturn does represent endurance, it is on the Aries Point (bringing her to the fore, literally in this case), and it sextiles (showing talent) Mars. This bestows the drive and ambition to pull in front and the ability to prevail. And it turns out that Sun, the Nodes and Saturn are all Parallel to each other so working together on the same plane as Parallels are thought to be almost as strong as conjunctions. Radcliffe has suffered some injuries but she always comes back. I think this is called the "Being Able to pick one's self up by one's Bootstraps" aspect. There are no planets in Earth Signs in this chart so Saturn simply doesn't have much of a reference point to work from in this chart.

The other 3 outer planets are in a small triangle together showing natural born talent. Apex Neptune in Sagittarius sextiles a trine of Venus c. Jupiter in Aquarius trine Pluto in Libra, maybe conjunct Moon in Libra. Radcliffe's progressed Venus went Retrograde when she was around 15 or 16 in 1989-90, just as she started running. It stationed Rx right on her natal Jupiter. Jupiter disposits her Sun-NN.

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Blogger Twilight said...

Awwww - great stuff! I hadn't read about her win.

Queen of British Athletics they called her - she was awarded MBE a few years ago I think.

More than her awesome (and this time that word is warranted) athletic ability it's her indomitable spirit that amazes me !

Nice piece OTCA - Thank you!

2:58 PM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Thanks Twilight!!!

4:51 PM  

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