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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi Tatma is India's latest Goddess. She's a little 2-year girl who was born connected to a twin body that only partly formed. Lakshmi has two sets of arms and legs and today has started going through an operation to have the limbs removed. The last report I read has said that the limbs are already successfully removed and her pelvis bones were currently under reconstruction.

The Doctors are working in 8 hour shifts starting at 7am today and expect that the operation could last as long as 40 hours. They began to anesthetize Lakshmi at 7am just as the Scorpio Sun was rising over the Scorpio Ascendant. (12th House Sun is a great placement for going under anesthesia, I just went through it myself.) I used the animation feature on Solar fire to forward the clock ahead in 8 hour increments and it turns out that the Grand Water Trine that is currently happening between the Sun, Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces rotates around so that one of these planets is always placed just above the Horizon in this spot. Mars rules Surgery/Cutting and Uranus rules Individuality/Independence so this seems like a really great aspect for gaining freedom from one's co-joined twin while also receiving protection (Grand Trine).

Lakshmi was born in a rural town in Northern India and is thought to be Divine like the 4-armed Indian Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth. I've actually read that she was born on the Celebration Day for Lakshmi which is the 3d day of the Diwali Festival. Lakshmi is celebrated on the New Moon of a day during October or November, so well, I had to check.... (I can't find her official birth date)

Lakshmi Tatma

November 1, 2005, Bihar, India

Sun 9 Scorpio; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 14 Aries

I'm not going to interpret a chart when I don't have any idea of whether it is accurate or not. But, um, well, the chart for this date shows a Sun-Jupiter conjunction trining Uranus and you can see what a cute little charmer she is from the photos of her on the Internet. If this were Lakshmi's birth date she is would be going through her Solar and Lunar Return right now. This birth chart would include a Grand Square that pits an opposition of Sun opposite Mars against the beginnings of the Saturn-Neptune opposition back in 2005.

The Saturn-Neptune opposition gave up the Ghost with its last Rx pass back in June and now today's chart has the beginnings of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Saturn rules the bones, the Sun rules the Spine. Saturn opposition Neptune shows the bones being held in captivity in a way. Lakshmi hasn't been able to walk because of interference from the unnecessary limbs. Uranus rules the circulatory system and the nervous system. Connected with the Grand Trine to Sun and Mars hopefully this is an indicator of a successful operation to free up her spine. Saturn is conjunct the Virgo South Node which should be fortunate for bones, healing, reconstruction.

When Lakshmi wakes up it will be her special "Celebration Day" as the Diwali Festival has now once again begun in India and the New Moon is coming up on Nov. 9. If enough of us pray, the operation will be successful and Modern Medicine will once again have worked a Miracle.

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