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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top 10 Money (Taurus/Venus) Drains (Moon/Neptune)

This is a list of Top Ten Money Drains on a Person's Budget along with their Rulerships. No, your Ex- isn't on the list. Just stay away from Water and Mars if you're trying to stay on a budget. I always thought that Jupiter was the big symbol of the spendthrift. It doesn't come up at all in this little experiment. As a matter of fact Bills gives him Rulership of Budgets along with the 2d house.

Here's the link: http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/103379/Top-10-Money-Drains

Here's the list:

1. Coffee - Neptune (Mars, Pluto)
2. Cigarettes - Neptune (Pluto, Mars)
3. Alcohol - Neptune, Pisces (Mars)
4. Bottled Water - Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Pisces
5. Manicures - Mercury, Venus
6. Car washes - Uranus, H3, Mercury, Gemini & Moon, Cancer, Neptune (Pluto)
7. Weekday Lunches Out - Moon
8. Vending Machine Snacks - Moon (maybe Uranus?)
9. Interest Charges on Credit Cards - Pluto? Interest Rates in Bills are: Jupiter, Venus, 2
10. Unused Memberships - H11 = Membership, Unemployment = (12)?



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