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Friday, November 02, 2007

Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Recent obituary news brings the death of the Guy who rode the Bomb, rather the guy who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. They say he never regretted what he did. What's the chart look like of a guy who feels no Guilt? Shows no Remorse? He even named the Bomb, otherwise called "Little Boy" after his own Mother. She must have been one Hell of a Gal!

Paul Warfield Tibbet
b. Feb. 23, 1915 Quincy, IL

Sun 5 Pisces; Moon Gemini; NN 27 Aquarius

The Pisces-Aquarius combination here is interesting just because, as I talked about earlier in my Blog, "Boys Toys" this combination came up strongly in the charts of almost all the major Scientists who had a part in building the Bomb. Tibbet's chart is almost all in Aquarius and Pisces so he fits right in with this "New" "Modern" "Mass" "Invention."

But the scientists behind the Bomb all regretted what they did. Tibbet didn't.

Something else has to be going on here. And, Boy, Boy O Boy, is it ever! Tibbet's chart, granted I don't have a birth time, has no Squares and no Oppositions! I suppose some people would be devastated by a transiting Opposition or Square. But in this case the energy was used to become devastating, and I don't mean that in a good way. Hmm, maybe I should say Blitzed out. You combine that with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, this is a guy who was full of unbounded enthusiasm. Slim Pickens riding the bomb in the last scene of Dr. StrangeLove really does come to mind here.

This is further emphasized by the fact that Tibbet's Venus and Neptune are both unaspected in his chart. He had no planets in Earth. There's nothing holding this guy down.

Boy o Boy!

Then there's Mars, planet of aggression, great to look at in this chart for obvious reasons. Mars here is in Aquarius conjunct Uranus. That's a great aspect for a fighter pilot, one who strikes from a distance with cool, mental detachment. Uranus is in it's own sign so very strong and it only aspects Mars. Mars on the other hand is also trining Saturn. Basically, not only does this guy have unbounded enthusiasm but he's disciplined, forceful, and a good shot.

I found one more stand-out feature that sets Tibbets apart from the rest. His Moon. Mom the Bomb, Enola Gay. Remember I said he named the Bomb after his Mom? Well, what does the Moon look like in the chart of a guy who names an a Bomb after his Mom that annihilates an entire city? Okay, sitting down? Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto and Moon is Out-of-Bounds. Saturn and Pluto together and the Guy says he doesn't feel guilt, this is one for the Pope. It's always the ones who refuse to feel guilty who have the most to apologize for.

If born early in the day Tibbet's moon would be conjunct only his Saturn in Gemini (Rx). If anytime after say, 10 or 11 am his Moon would be in Gemini sandwiched between his Saturn in Gemini and his Pluto in Cancer!

And there's more ... Pluto is right smack dab on the Aries Point of Cancer. Sort of Patriotism Gone Mad.

And it gets even worse...the day he dropped the Bomb, he was 30 years old, just past his Saturn Return and really wanting to make a "mark" in the World.

And it was his Lunar Return for the Month. Remember his natal Moon is Out-of-Bounds.

And the Sun was conjunct Pluto in Leo opposite his Uranus-Mars in Aquarius. Remember this is a guy who has no Natal Oppositions so was born with no reference point.

Yee-Haw! Ride em Cowboy.

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