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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Polar Bears

Since they're in the news so much these days for being the "Canaries of the Global Warming Crisis" I thought I'd check to see if Polar Bears are born to any particular signs.

Polar Bears mate mostly in April. They dig dens in October and November in order to give birth. They purposely dig into the South Sides of Hills so that extra snow will cover them up.

The Polar Bears are born in November and December. This makes them mostly Sagittarians which seems really obvious I guess. They are Santa Claus' bears, after all. They even seem to live according to their Jupiter Returns because they live with their Mother for the first 3 years of their life and then they're on their own. This is the first Jupiter Square.

This also means that many will be born with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in the same sign as their Sun this year. You never really hear about the Crisis side of Jupiter and Pluto working together, but as Pluto has been passing through their sign their very existence has become increasingly imperiled. Scientists and Tourists will be up in the North Pole gawking at this years' Kids with complete desperation. That alone will certainly melt the ice. Well, and hopefully by then they'll be tucked away in their caves under massive amounts of freshly minted snow.

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