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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shut yer Gub!

OMG! The King of Spain is sooooo much fun! Who knew? Now this is a guy who really goes all out at the Scorpio New Moon.

News reports say that King Juan Carlos of Spain has been throwing a little get together for the leftist leaders of Latin America. He apparently lost it and barked out a nifty "Shut Up!" to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who was interrupting somebody's speech. He was calling someone a Fascist, guess it came out sounding like a Hot Air. It turns out that Chavez's North Node is conjunct the King's Capricorn Sun. In Reincarnation terms maybe that means that Someone is going to be Someone Else's Father in a next life.

I Googled "Shut Up" in Spanish and came up with "Callate!" Don't know if that's accurate. As I've said before my brother says that the Spaniards name all their swear words after meats and vegetables. This isn't really a swear word, more like putting the Brakes (Saturn) on an out-of-control situation.

King Juan Callate! Carlos of Spain

Jan. 5, 1938 Rome, Italy 1:15 pm

Sun 15 Capricorn; ASC 20 Taurus; Moon 26 Aquarius; MC 29 Capricorn; NN 4 Sagittarius

Mercury 1 Capricorn Rx squaring Saturn 30 Pisces. Them be Aries Points Folks. Add to it progressed Mercury which is at 3 Aries just past conjunction and square with the natal configuration. And then add to this transiting Venus at 1 Libra (AP as well) opposing and squaring Mercury-Saturn you've got a guy who just want you to either say it pretty or "Shut Up!". The Western Press has been waiting for this moment for, like, ten thousand years already. Venus is His Highness' Chart Ruler. Looks like his Mercury-Saturn square was playing PaPa Bear to Chavez' Baby Bear conjunction in Cancer (opposite Juan Carlos' Sun).

Add to this the New Moon which was opposing His Highnesses' natal Uranus and Blammo! The Devil Made Him Do It! (t.Pluto is a couple of degrees away from Juan Carlos' Mercury as well).

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