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Friday, December 07, 2007

New Orleans Maternity Ward Hits the Jackpot

New Orleans keeps flooding! Cute story from ABC about a Deluge of Babies that were born in a Hospital in New Orleans. At Oechsner Medical Center the Maternity Ward popped out a set of Triplets, then a set of Quadruplets and then a set of Triplets all within a space of slightly more than 24 hours. The newscaster called it "Hitting the Jackpot." Jackpot? Dang, the Sun must be in Sagg! Yah! along with Mercury and the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. I just love this Newscaster, he even gave the times for the births. Turns out the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction was always very close to either the Ascendant or the Descendant when the babies were born. Jackpot!

Also interesting to notice is that the Moon (Maternity) in Libra was trining Neptune (Hospital) for the first two births and then had moved on to trine the Pisces (Hospital) North Node for the third birth.

The Sun was squaring the opposition between Saturn in Virgo (Health) and Uranus in Pisces (Hospital) from one side and Mars was sextiling/trining from the other side in Cancer (Maternity).

Gemini and Mercury rule Twins. I don't know what rules Multiple Births, maybe Multiple Planets? (tee hee, atsa joke) At any rate, in this case it's certainly Sagittarius. 10 little Sagittarians with Libra Moons. Opinionated little diplomats. It's a good thing Sagittarians get along so well with other Sagittarians so well because these kids will never lack for a playmate.

1st set: TRIPLETS
born 6:45 am Tuesday Morning, Dec. 4, 2007

ASC 13 Sagittarius conjunct Sun 12 Sagittarius. Jupiter 27 Sagg conjunct Pluto 29 Sagg in H1.
Moon 16 Libra squaring Mars 10 Cancer Rx and trining Neptune.

born 6:24 pm Tuesday Evening, Dec. 4, 2007

ASC 4 Cancer conjunct Mars 10 Cancer Rx.
Jupiter-Pluto conjunction conjunct Sagittarius Descendant from H6.
Uranus 15 Pisces conjunct 19 Pisces MC in Pisces opposite Saturn 9 Virgo, a little too wide orb for conjunction to IC.

3d set: TRIPLETS
ASC 30 Sagittarius conjunct Pluto 29 Sagittarius-Jupiter 27 Sagittarius in H12.
Mars 10 Cancer (H7), 16 Libra MC
Moon 28 Libra (H10)

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