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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where's the Trines?

Trines, Baby, We need Trines!

To cheer myself I have searched for the big Outer Planet Trines for this year. Saturn is leading the Trine News. It is in essence escorting Pluto into Capricorn, the sign which it rules. As this happens, January 24-26, Jupiter and Venus will be within orb of conjunction. Saturn and Pluto working together can be very powerful, but in Earth Signs there may not be a strong positive vibe. On the good side, people will be finding the beauty in reality and the day to day. There is a conservative quality to these two working together, using what you have, not overspending. And with the Saturn-Jupiter trine overlaying the Saturn-Pluto trine for the first half of the year we might be able to ease into the transition.

The panic right now is coming from the Mars-Pluto opposition. This thing is endless. I don't care if it's in lunatic Cancer or Schizy Gemini, Mars is doing a number on us. It needs a crisis. And it looks like it's effects will last way beyond the time that it disperses around March 23-24 (yes, Edna, it's around for that long) because the opposition will be embedded in both of the upcoming Eclipses in February.

Okay, and thing is the Eclipses are coming, the Eclipses are coming. The Mars-Pluto opposition is one of the major feature of the Solar Eclipse on Feb. 7 (3:55am UT, 15 Sagg ASC). Pluto will be in the first house opposite Mars in the 7th. There is a huge stellium including the New Moon at 18 Aquarius in the 2d house of this chart and Saturn is Rx in the 8th House (very close to 9th house cusp) which might not be great for money matters. But both elements are trining the Mars-Pluto opposition.

This Solar Eclipse will sort of set things up for the Lunar Eclipse which is Total. It comes up on Feb. 21 (3:26 UT, 21 Sagg ASC) and includes more aspects. Now we've got the Full Moon spanning the 2d-8th Houses but this time Saturn Rx is conjunct the Moon. This puts a strong emphasis on Resources with regards to money. Mostly this could mean a depressing effect on the Investment Markets and a Hysterical Reaction regarding earning capacity. Once again both ends of this opposition will trine the Mars-Pluto opposition. In both charts, Pluto and Jupiter will be in the 1 House which might bring a proactive approach to dealing with the problems even if it's only a continuation of "that good old Lucky feeling" that seems to drive the markets. Too bad the South Node will be in the 8th House conjunct Saturn.

The Jupiter-Saturn trine will end around Feb. 11. But, Saturn will once again have begun its trine to Pluto on Jan. 25. And as I said, Venus will be passing over Pluto and Jupiter and trining Saturn as well. Venus rules money so maybe someone will come along with a plan and there will be hope for one fleeting mother fucking second.

Back to DisasterLand: On Feb. 11 Saturn will conjunct the South Node. Neptune and Chiron will be conjunct the North Node. These two planets won't oppose each other exactly but this will be one last blast of their antics. I think this gets closest in May.?????

At the end of April and into May there will be a long Grand Trine period to the Saturn-Pluto trine as Mercury, the Sun and Venus pass from Aries and into Taurus. It actually starts on Tax Day.

July looks really weird. The Saturn-Pluto trine will end just as Mars hits Saturn at 6 Virgo. This will leave the Mars-Saturn conjunction unaspected for a week or so. Mars wants to act and Saturn wants to wait. They don't really see eye to eye. Mars and Saturn will be within orb of trining Jupiter on July 17 for only a day or so. Pluto will be unaspected but Rx. and the conjunction of Neptune-Chiron to the North Node will be unaspected. Mars and Saturn will again trine Jupiter on August 1. All in All it should be a great month for Suicide Bombers and setting off Firecrackers.

Saturn begins opposing Uranus in September on the 4th. The Sun will be passing over Saturn at this same time and Jupiter will still be trining it so this opposition will also begin with a postive vibe. It's like a big gassy planet convention in the sky. Well, it's an election year, what do you expect? And if you don't expect much, check out the Goya painting of Saturn eating his Sons. That's sort of how the Old Guarde feels about letting the New Guys in.

It's an election year and the Stock Market isn't supposed to tank in an election year but if the Republicans know they are going to lose the election they might just let the garden go, so to speak. They're vindictive little buggers and from the looks of it they've all sold their stock last Summer. They've bought their Gold coins and will retire to the Castle.

The Jupiter-Saturn trine ends on Dec. 31. The Sun, Mars and Pluto will all be within 10 degrees of each other in Capricorn. There will be 5 planets in Capricorn and 4 planets in Aquarius. It will be a good time for the upper echelons to prove themselves, whether they are of the spiritual variety or of the pragmatic sorts. The only major aspect besides all the conjunctions will be the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

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