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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Effect of Water

This is a link to an article about how our perceptions change when we're under water. http://library.thinkquest.org/28170/41.html. I wonder if this can be applied to astrology. It's interesting just to read how perceptions change whether a person is physically surrounded by Water as opposed to Air. Humans completely surrounded by Earth, of course, are dead. And if one wants to engulf himself completely in Fire I recommend hiring a stunt double.

I'm just adding the details of the article; it has nothing to do with astrology. Or does it? I'm not going to try to make any associations.

Vision is different under water. Size and Distance appear differently. Colors lose brightness with depth; the reddish tones vanish at different depths as there is less light so everything below 20 feet is bluish, greenish and grayish.

Sounds can be heard from much farther away and it's difficult to determine their origins. Human voices become loud and shrill.

The Body is lighter and it's easy to lose the sense of body position.

The sense of Touch is reduced. Pain almost disappears as the water cools the skin. Sensitivity to Heat and Cold is the same as on land and in the air but the body loses heat much more quickly than in air.

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