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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Saturn in Virgo: Monkeys Buying Good Times

Here's another Saturn in Virgo story. Cleanliness counts sooooo much that you can buy your Good Times with it.


Girl Macaque Monkeys are 3 times more likely to have sex with Boy Macaque Monkeys if the Boys groom (Virgo) them first. This has been interpreted by researchers as prostitution. I read it as either Good Hygiene or Foreplay. Certainly it indicates intelligence among the women.

But it is true that the more the Boy Monkeys give the more they get. That's sex but it doesn't sound like they're putting the Girl Monkeys up in their own apartments or draping them in diamonds or anything.

Virgo rules Fair Business Practices as much as it rules Good Hygiene. The Monkeys found the perfect blend. However, this may be illegal in the States.

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