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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jim Kramer

There's this financial guru on the TV named Jim Kramer who I swear can stop a speeding bullet with his bare tongue. Kramer is one of those uptight East Coast guys who looks like he's 10 seconds due for a Heart Attack. We on the West Coast simply can't understand what keeps these people going. On the other hand, this guy has so much power. I had to take a look at his Mercury to see what's going on with his Mind and his Communications Skills. The Market keeps tanking and when it does I've learned to turn on Kramer and instantly feel better (I think he's on CSNBC around 7 or 7:30pm, you can't miss him if you're flipping through channels). Today I watched the Stocks that he recommended last night and all of them did better than the general market so I think a lot of people are buying what he says to buy. Sometimes I get the feeling that Jim Kramer is one of the main reasons why the Stock Market isn't standing around with its pants dropped down to its ankles -- or least that hasn't happened yet.

Jim Kramer

b. Feb. 10, 1955 Wyndmoor, PA

Sun 22 Aquarius; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 5 Capricorn

Kramer has Mercury Rx at 26 Aquarius giving him ability to see a broad market view, airy intellectual combination that helps to give a broad market view. I'm sort of surprised by the Rx Mercury because that can sometimes give confidence problems regarding communications but this means that he got the nasty progression out of the way when he was a kid and Mercury in an Air sign is simply not going to take this too personally. It might be the reason, though, why Kramer speaks out the truth to the public about what realistically goes on in the Markets. He feels like a bit of an outsider and wants to help others not to be victimized.

Kramer's Mercury is pretty spectacular by aspect. It is conjunct his natal Sun which blends communications skills with ego. Then it is sextile Mars in Aries. God, is this guy an Aries Mars or what? Dude's style is direct and forceful. He has a real talent for forcefully telling people the truth, his expression is direct and forceful and he can see the bigger picture. With Venus (Money, Values) conjunct North Node (Destiny, etc.) in Capricorn his interests are related to matters professional and corporate. He's also born on a Nodal Return (within a couple of degrees) of the Federal Reserve Bank.

So, back to this guy's Big Lovable Golden Mouth. His Sun-Mercury conjunction sextile Mars is involved together in two big configurations. I know a lot of astrologers with a lot more knowledge and talent than I have say this means nothing. But, still, that's a whole lot of planetary energy working together. Also, when a planet transits over one point it is lighting up a whole big portion of the chart at the same time. This guy is an Aquarius, he likes to light up like a pinball machine.

First configuration is a Mystic Rectangle. This blends two oppositions (balancing, relations, opposites) with two sextiles (talent) and two trines (ease). It's supposed to be an easier configuration. It brings a lot of easy aspects together. With no squares maybe there's not enough tension for some but often if the rest of the chart dictates it can get alot of aspects to work together toward some sort of magical mystical harmony. That's a bullshit interpretation but it seems to hold true here. Sun-Mercury is opposite Pluto in Leo which can lend focus to one's thought and power plays to one's ego needs. Perfect for dealing with the Stock Market. Mars is opposite Neptune in Libra. He's addicted to this stuff. He's even written a book called "Confessions of a Street Addict." He may also have a real addiction. He certainly has the charisma promised by this aspect.

The Second configuration is a Trapezoid Shape. Sun-Mercury sextile Mars is square (challenge) on both sides to a conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio. How to interpret this? Ugh. Well Jupiter-Uranus trine Saturn is a major outer planet aspect showing bliss and happiness along with a little paranoia. Loves maybe the challenge of working with fear. Would be interesting how this aspect is placed in the chart. The Sun-Mercury and Mars are energized to express this to his peers and the public.

No birth time so no Ascendant or Moon placement. The noontime placement of the Moon is in Libra. It would make sense that this guy would have a lot of air. He keeps his emotional distance while flailing all over the place and making it all seem like a game. With regards to his Heart, I'm sorry I just don't handle the tension well. I've literally told East Coast people (strangers) over the phone to go to the Doctor and get their hearts checked. This Moon placement also squares the Venus-NN in Capricorn placement. That would show concern for the public's interest.

Within a couple of years, there will be a conjunction of Neptune-Chiron and NN on his Sun-Mercury. If his health holds up, he may do something even more concerned with helping others. Since he will also be going through his Neptune trine at the same time, I think feelings of confusion will somehow balance out into constructive activities. Neptunians do remarkably well with money regardless of how much they whine.

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