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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoan Earthquake and Tsunami

Have been having trouble finding times for yesterday's earthquake and tsunami. That's okay because, although the planetary alignments look bad for having an earthquake or other major catastrophic event, the actual timing of the chart doesn't fit into my idea of what an earthquake chart ought to look like. Oh well. I'm hardly an expert.

I send my condolences to the people who have suffered losses due to this earthquake and from the tsunamis. I think that I read that even the California and Oregon coasts (close to where I am) were given tsunami warnings.

The earthquake was offshore. It was underwater and huge, 8.0 according to today's USGS ratings. It struck off the Indonesian Coastline of the islands of Samoa and American Samoa. The death toll so far is around 90 I believe, but I suppose that will change.

Samoan Earthquake and Tsunami
Sept. 29, 2009 6:48 Local Time (17:48 UTC) I used Apia, Samoa, Indonesia which is 120 miles away from the epicenter.

Sun 7 Libra; Moon 16 Aquarius; ASC 17 Libra; MC 13 Cancer; NN 27 Capricorn

A set of tsumani waves (either 3 or 4) then began to hit the islands beginning around 8:00 am. That gives about 9 Scorpio Rising and 30 Cancer MC (degrees will be a little off because I'm not using exact epicenter).

There are a lot of prominent earthquake looking transits going right now but they aren't placed on the angles right at the moment of the earthquake.

Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are now always placed within Angular houses at the same time with each other. At the time that the earthquake struck they had just passed over the angles and were in the 3d (Pluto), 6th (Uranus) and 12th Houses (Saturn). The Saturn-Uranus opposition is within one degree of opposition and just had the 3d of 5 exact oppositions last week.

The Sun at 7 Libra had also just risen over the Libra Ascendant and was squaring Pluto which is on the prominent degree of Capricorn in H3.

Mercury is placed in Virgo, a sign which it rules, and had just turned direct out of Retrograde 4.5 hours before the earthquake. It is conjunct the Saturn Uranus opposition and is placed in the 12th House. Saturn rules the IC in this chart.

Chart ruler Venus was prominent because she is unaspected and placed in her Fall (along with Sun and Mars who are also in the signs of their Fall). She was right on the cusp between the 12th Houses and was rising into the 11th House.

Chart Shape is Locomotor with lead planet Mars. Mars is conjunct the South Node in Cancer. Mars is a singleton in angular houses in this chart and is placed in H10. I was expecting more to happen as Moon passed over the North Node in opposition to Mars a couple of days ago, but, we've got a couple more weeks of this stuff before Mars leaves Cancer and the South Node.

The conjunction of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius could be considered a long-term ongoing indicator of earthquakes and other big Weather phenomenon along with the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. This stellium was placed in the 5th House which is off an angle but is opposing the 11th house, ruled by Uranus.

Uranus was placed in the 6th House, off an angle. Go figure. Would have passed over the Descendant almost about an hour before the earthquake struck. Uranus doesn't even rule any of the angles in this chart.

The Moon is in Aquarius and is approaching conjunction with Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune.

At 8:00 am when the first tsunami wave hit the Nodal Axis and Mars were in conjunction with the IC/MC Axis. That's more like it. The Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune stellium would have been passing over the lowest points of the chart over the next 4 hours. Neptune, ruler of Pisces and of the Ocean, rules waves. Jupiter likes to make everything it touches bigger.

Aftershocks continued for 12 hours after the initial earthquake. This means that the Saturn-Uranus opposition and Pluto and the Sun were upside down from their initial spots.

Don't know if this means a hill of beans but it's interesting how connected the U.S. Sibley chart is connected with this chart. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction of the U.S. chart is on the Midheaven. The U.S. Saturn is on the Ascendant. Neptune is within 4 degrees conjunction of the U.S. Moon. There are a couple of Pluto and Mars aspects. I didn't even know we had territory out there.

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