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Sunday, January 10, 2010

6.5 Earthquake in Ferndale, California

Right on cue, Northern California had a major earthquake yesterday afternoon.

I've said that often the bigger earthquakes in Northern California seem to happen when the Sun is either in Libra or Aries. Maybe I should adjust that to say that the Bay Area earthquakes in Northern California seem to happen during these times. The earthquakes off the very Northern part of California and the Oregon Coast seem to happen in January. Either way, yesterday there was a 6.5 up near Eureka on the craggy coast. That whole area is kind of dark and creepy and foggy and did I say craggy? I think that most Jennifer Connolly movies are shot up there. There are Redwood trees and artists. And the artists forbade the lumberjacks from cutting down the trees so now the lumberjacks grow the pot. Best around. Approved by the FDA and everything.

Ferndale Earthquake, 6.5
Jan. 9, 2010 4:27 pm coast off of Ferndale, CA

Sun 20 Capricorn; Moon 21 Scorpio; ASC 13 Cancer; MC 22 Pisces; NN 22 Capricorn

Just look at the basic placements of the planets. It has dark and creepy and craggy and foggy and oceany all over it. The chart basically describes the place. I don't know what sign Jennifer Connolly is but her eyes are certainly oceany.

This chart, in hindsight, has a lot of classic elements of an earthquake. The Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto stuff. I think this might show that we have more to worry about over the next year in California, especially when the Sun is in a Cardinal Sign.

It's interesting that the bigger earthquakes seem to happen just after the Equinoxes and Solstices. That makes sense since these represent the way the earth is bending on its poles and is probably stressed more.

I'll say for now that Southern California prefers to have big earthquakes during Cancer-Capricorn. Bay Area likes to have them during Aries-Libra. The upper coast of Northern California-Oregon during January. And I won't vouch for any of it because these are earthquakes, they are Uranian and Marsian, and these two guys don't like predictions.

But, Jupiter's doing some quick steps this year and Jupiter likes to communicate big secrets to humanity. So we will see. If planning to come to California I suggest coming during the affected months. Visitors seem to really want to experience an earthquake. Bring the camera.

Strong Cardinal emphasis in yesterday's earthquake chart with Sun, NN and Rising Sign in Cancer/Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are also in Cardinal Signs (Libra and Capricorn) and they are squaring each other from (almost) angular spots in the chart. The Sun and Moon in this chart disposit to them. Uranus is also angular conjunct the Midheaven. It's really amazing how Uranus and its signs Aquarius are so often on an angle in earthquake charts. I don't know what the chances would be of that happening because I can't do the math.

The Sun is conjunct the NN and we are in between an eclipse set in Cardinal Signs. Sun-NN is also angular in the 7th House. Sun is also conjunct Venus to the degree.

Don't think that Venus is necessarily useful for earthquake prediction. In this case I'm assuming that it helps to describe the type of town and the situation that is involved. Never hurts to have an extra planet angular and conjunct the Sun.

If I'm correct, Ferndale is sort of a quaint historical town with old Victorians. A lot of artists live there. A lot of artists live in this area altogether. Eureka and Arcata are full of artists. Somebody's got to be around to smoke all that dope.

The Midheaven might also desribe the way that the earthquake affects a place, so it might also describe the type of town. This chart has a Pisces Midheaven which shows the Arts, the Pot Growers, The alcholics and indigents, the incompetence to help them, and also the extremely foggy weather on the coast. I couldn't move to this place because I don't like to paint pastel colors.

The earthquake struck slightly before 4:30 on a week-end so it happened during the day and while everyone was at leisure which is Venus/Neptune.

As far as I know so far, there were no deaths (empty 8th House except for Lilith which means that some people were trying to flush stuff down toilets maybe, aquarius on the cusp). But there were gas leaks, electrical outages. Perhaps there was some kind of water damage. With Saturn in the 4th House of this chart, anything that was old and worn out probably collapsed. And from what I remember of this place, that means there was probably a lot of property damage. The people at the Home Depot have job security now. Since Uranus is conjunct the Midheaven I suppose this describes what will be most affected. That would be the electrical and phones.

I remember during one of those earthquake in China last year a huge amount of small school children were killed. Mercury, which rules early schooling was conjunct the MC of that chart. I had no idea how to read that chart until all the news reports came out. In this case, there are gas leaks and electrical outages, perhaps water damage which are typical of this event. Mercury tends to be strongly connected to earthquakes. It is conjunct the Descendant in this chart, so is angular. It is also Retrograde and conjunct Pluto. Maybe the lack of fire on the angles was helpful in avoiding fires.

With Cancer Rising the ruler of the chart is the Moon, which is squaring Mars from the 5th-2d Houses.

Like clockwork, the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto "t-square" is placed on or close to the angles. Only Saturn and Pluto are within orb of a true square right now. Saturn in H4, Pluto in H6 close to DESC cusp, Uranus in H10. Saturn square Pluto but both out of orb with Uranus.

Mars placed off angle and not ruling an angle but prominent because: Lead planet of a locomotive chart; Retrograde; Singleton in Fire; square a major light, the Moon.

Uranus is conjunct an angle, the MC, opposing the IC which rules land; singleton in Mutable; no squares which is odd, in a small triangle aspect with both lights trining Moon and sextiling Sun-Mercury Rx-NN.

Sun-Moon-Venus parallel and contraparallel with ASC

Nothing out-of-bounds

Types of damage: MC in pisces conjunct Uranus. Gas; electrical; water; crop; hopes; wishes; groups? (Just throwing in the major Uranian keywords)

House 2 cusp is Leo so perhaps damage related to Sun/Leo things. Mars in House 2 showing types of possessions affected. Fire, Guns, Toys, Motorcycles, Cars, Heads or tops of things?

Deaths: None? H8 empty, Aquarius on cusp. Lilith in 8th House.

Moon rules chart. Placed in Scorpio in H5. Sea town. Squares Mars in House 2 (volatility). Squares Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius in H9 (community). From what I remember they have really good beer distilleries up in Eureka. Hope they fix those first.

I send my prayers to those who may have lost their homes and other belongings.

I've now found some other possible ways to interpret this chart. Much of the damage was "broken windows (Neptune, Pisces MC)" and downed Power Lines"(Uranus conjunct Midheaven, Mars in H2).

Also, because it was a week-end, the event wasn't covered by the media very well. Also this place is pretty isolated from major media. So, individuals were posting Tweets over the Internet showing the damage: http://mashable.com/2010/01/09/eureka-earthquake/.



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