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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi

It's no doubt premature to look at the chart of the Suicide Bomber who killed the CIA agents over in Afghanistan. Wikipedia is just now providing the information and sometimes these things change and the birth chart given is just too amazing.

If it doesn't already use astrologers, the CIA should perhaps pay attention to astrological charts right now because it certainly looks as if the terrorists are using them in order to figure out "who's next" of their own crowd. If you want to make sure that you are successful at killing people, it sure does help to have a strong Sun-Pluto transit going on (among other transits).

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi is the second terrorist with Sun in early Capricorn Sun who is attempting to attack the United States. The man who tried to blow up the Northeast Airlines plane on Dec. 25 was the other one.

Right now this point is under a lot of stress as there is not only Pluto right on the spot, but a huge Outer Planet t-square of planets that really like to play havoc with society when they are working together. Pluto represents Power and Death and Extreme Obsessions and right now the Sun (Power also) has been passing over it. This Summer will probably be the most intense expression of this t-square and the Sun opposes Pluto and the t-square becomes its most exact.

Further emphasizing the tension on these spots of the wheel, there are 3 Eclipse sets starting last Summer and continuing to next Summer that are aspecting the Cancer/Capricorn Axis.

Have to admit that my reason for trying to look up al-Balawi's today was because of an article I just read saying that his wife is proud of what he did. I wanted to look at his chart to see what kind of "Bitch" aspects he had. Who was wearing the pants in that household? Who would gladly turn her husband from a Medical Doctor/Healer to a murderer. I know that people say that women would never create evil in the world because we're all lovey dovey, but, man, that is just such a lie.

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi
b. Dec. 25, 1977 Kuwait (no city given)

Sun 4 Capricorn; NN 11 Libra; Moon Gemini or Cancer

The main parts of al-Balawi's chart show total emphasis on early degrees Cardinal, which are the affected points. Pluto is currently passing over his Sun. Saturn is currently approaching his natal North Node-Pluto conjunction. His Moon may be in Cancer.

What's really bizarre is that al-Balawi was born with both Mercury and Mars Retrograde. Both of these planets are moving in Retrograde together in the current sky and Mars is actually in the same sign of Leo at both point (Mars Return in Retrograde - that's pretty rare).

Natal Mars is squaring rebellious Uranus in Scorpio which shows a person who likes excitement.

Al-Balawi also had Sun opposing Jupiter at 1 Cancer-Lilith 28 Gemini-Moon either Gemini or Cancer (2 Cancer at noon). Sun opposing Jupiter shows the Religious extremism side of this man, and as oppositions tend to show relationships we get into (Opposites) it can show the partner as well.

Jupiter is probably conjunct the Moon (women) and even perhaps disposits to the Moon. It also is in conjunction to good old Lilith which represents the wild side of women. In addition, on the other side of the opposition, the Sun is in conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius (which disposits back to Jupiter, and also references a woman who might like to see her husband commit Jihad. Al-Balawi's wife is represented by Jupiter-Sagittarius themes. These can be religious extremism, opinions, strong beliefs systems, especially in difficult aspect to the natal chart as it is. Jupiter is emphasized in al-Balawi's chart as it is a lead planet to a bowl shape (which further shows a man who might defer too much power to his wife's needs).

Al-Balawi was just past his Saturn Return in Virgo (Rx in natal). Saturn in Virgo is pretty insecure and the Rx doesn't help with that. In this chart there is a Grand Earth Trine between Saturn and Chiron and Sun-Venus. That shows the interest in becoming a Doctor. I suspect that Grand Trines are very common in the charts of Double Agents. Problems have a tendency to just slip under the cracks for these people. Saturn in Virgo can indicate a martyr as Virgo/Pisces is related to such subjects. People, i.e. the CIA, will also trust Virgo. It's an earth sign that seems to show no ambitions or motivations. They can always sound like they are talking so straight from the hip.

The progressions seem to reinforce some of the problems in al-Balawi's chart. Because his natal Jupiter at 1 Cancer and is Retrograde, it has been in long-term progression with natal Lilith his whole life. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This is a long-term stress aspect of always looking for balance in others and finding really wigged out situations.

This energy would be reinforced by the Natal North Node in Libra which is conjunct Pluto in Libra.

And also, progressed Sun has always stayed in conjunction with progressed Venus as well and the two are conjunct to the degree right now at 6 Aquarius. That's another influence which shows great charms, vanity, and also a lot of female influence in the life. I've mentioned before how I feel that Sun-Venus conjunctions in progressions can indicate suicidal tendencies --- this is an extreme example. The Suicide bomber may have begun to develop more rebellious needs to fight on behalf of humanity about 5 years ago as p.Sun-Venus changed signs into Aquarius. Natal Mars is at 11 Leo just opposing that spot and in Rx his whole life so far, so would have been opposite Sun-Venus (and squaring natal Uranus).

This guy had that shy, reserved Capricorn Sun trine Saturn in Virgo with all this need for excitement and religious experience bubbling underneath. And the Pluto on the North Node which needs to create change.

The Wikipedia article mentioned that al-Balawi's family had had to leave his native Kuwait in 1990 during the Iraq invasion. I wanted to quickly see if there were some kind of leftover trauma which occurred at that time which al-Balawi perhaps couldn't have recovered from easily. The indicators are there.

I tend to think that Uranus and Pluto transits, etc. will show when traumatic events will happen. Doesn't hurt if Mars and Saturn are playing along.

In 1990, Uranus was passing over al-Balawi's natal Sun-Venus. Also Pluto was passing over his natal Uranus.

Another big aspect was that at this time al-Zawahiri was going through his Jupiter Return. A trauma at this time in his life could have magnified this one planet in his chart. (This is what my whole research project is about right now but that's another story)

I've discussed what a prominent influence Jupiter was in al-Balawi's chart. As Jupiter is located on 1 Cancer which is related to strong attachment to and need to care for home, heritage, and homeland I think this is the most prominent factor. Cancer rules feelings and attachments that one can't let go of easily. His loyalities would have become very important to him, as well as a strong devotion and need to care for others. Imagine how difficult it would be to have to process this Jupiter. During the first Jupiter Return, when this man was around 11-12 years old, his family (Cancer) has to evacuate their country (Cancer) due to War. Jupiter in this chart is lead planet of a bowl shape. What this means is that at the time it is opposing the Sun-Venus-Mercury at the same time. Then over the next 6 or so years Jupiter hits all the other planets in the chart and hits that other side of the bowl. That's a lot of intense stimulation and growth with nothing on the other side to balance the energy (no planet opposing from the other side). Then for the next 6 years Jupiter would pass through the empty side of the bowl, opposing all the natal planets (except for Chiron, wonder if that's when he decided to become a doctor). This is a problem of the bowl shaped chart for anyone. There's always a sense of everything being lopsided, especially since the cycle began with the type of trauma which is devastating for most people. With Jupiter, it would be too much of one thing, then too much of the other. Plus, Jupiter is related to Religion.

Well, that doesn't make sense. Sorry for the ramble.

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