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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

CIA Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan

I'm having a terrible time trying to track down much information about the people involved in the Dec. 30, 2009 suicide bombing that occurred at the CIA Base Chapman in Khost, Afghanistan. I read somewhere that this camp is involved with sending drones out into the community but haven't seen that story since. Would be good to know because of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square influence kind of symbolizing robots, to me personally at least. Somehow I think I wouldn't appreciate having them driving around in my neighborhood.

At this point I believe that 7 CIA agents were killed along with others who were injured.

A double agent for al-Qaida walked into the Camp without being searched. He was wearing explosives. This is the second story in a week. The terrorists are finding trustworthy, innocent looking people to work through.

The information that al-Balawi is said to have offered was supposedly so important that many of the major information gatherers in the land were gathered together in the room to hear it. I've even just read a report saying that this guy was a triple agent. He was Jordanian doctor Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi. In most reports he is 36 years old. Since he was at least polite enough to commit his crime at the end of the year this means that we can be sure (if he was indeed 36) that he was born in 1973.

Al-Balawi is said to be from an industrial town called Zarqa in Jordan. Zarqa means "The Blue One." The place could definitely use a beautification project, maybe a couple of extra fountains and some palm trees, and a high speed rail system. It's the same town where Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is said to have been from. 1st settlement was in 1902 by Chechen immgrants. Over half of the town is a Jordanian settlement left over from the Six Days War.

So, I can't get any birth dates. The CIA has let us know that the Camp Head died in the attack and that she was a Mother of three. That means that the CIA is letting us know that women are incompetent at this kind of work. Thanks, guys. Hey, why don't you do something constructive and give us some birth dates. Al-Qaeda probably uses Astrologers and it seems like they're winning this war at this point.

Twiddling my thumbs and googling wikipedia all I could really find is that the CIA is going through a double whammy Mars transit. Like all things Leo, this is hitting the heart (of the agency). The media is going on and on about how struck they are, but they still aren't giving birth dates.

The CIA's got the weirdest damn natal chart for a spy agency for reasons that I'm not going to say because I'm not giving the Jihad chat rooms the benefit. But, anyway, the CIA has a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Leo. Right now this conjunction is being hit by both progressed Mars at 26 Leo and transiting Mars Retrograde which was at 19 Leo. I think that Hillary Clinton has this conjunction natally and I seem to have remembered that someone tried to attack her this week, but am not sure.

Mars has been opposing the Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in an extra long transit due to the retrograde. I suppose that explains how it's great weather for terrorists who want to commit jihad. Either that, or those agents were scoring Opium.

The Mars transit was amplified by the transits on the day of the attack, sort of a triple whammy (easy to say after the fact). Transiting North Node was at 22 Capricorn (conjunct Mercury) and opposing the CIA's natal Mars 22 Cancer.

b. Sept. 18, 1947 Langley, Virginia

Sun 25 Virgo; Moon Scorpio; NN 27 Taurus

Attack on CIA, Base Chapman, Khost, Afghanistan
They don't even give you the time of day

Sun 10 Capricorn; Moon Gemini; NN 22 Capricorn

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