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Monday, January 04, 2010

Born Together, Die Together, Born Again Together? Christmas Eve Miracle

A Colorado Woman and the baby she was in the process of giving birth both were thought to have died on Christmas Eve. Just when the Doctors thought the situation was hopeless both Mother and Son came back to life. They are both doing well now. This is certainly miraculous.

I don't have much information to go on here, nevertheless the astrology is pretty incredible.

Can't find a time for the birth. The event took place at Memorial Hospital on Dec. 24, 2009, Colorado Springs, CO.

Mom is Tracy Hermanstorfer. Her Son is named Coltyn. Her Husband looks pretty freaked out in the pictures.

Apparently Dad was holding his wife's hand when she had a heart attack and just sort of fell asleep. The Doctors delivered Coltyn by Caesarian but figured it was too late as they placed the limp baby in his Father's hands. The Father says he literally felt his Son spring back to life while he was holding him in his hands. How's that for a Mercury(Hands)-North Node(Destiny) conjunction in Capricorn(Saturn)?

Other aspects of this chart are pretty amazing. Coltyn has a conjunction of Sun (Vitality) in conjunction to the degree of the planet that rules death and rebirth. That's Pluto. Sun and Pluto are also in conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius. For much of the evening they are at the apex of a t-square to Moon (Mom) in Aries opposing Saturn (Dad) in Libra. That shows some strong survival skills in Cardinal Signs. Cardinal Signs rule Beginnings.

Interesting how Colton's Moon in Aries plays out. Moon in a child's chart describes his Mother. Colton will see his mother as very enthusiastic, direct and playful woman. The heart attack is perhaps shown by the planet which disposes the Moon in Coltyn's chart. That's Mars.

Mars here is in the sign of Leo which rules the heart. It is moving Retrograde which seem to reinforce the second-guessing nature of the Sun-Pluto conjunction. And, helping out a whole lot, the planets of Miracles and Healing, Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron are in conjunction in Aquarius and opposing Mars Rx. During much of the evening Mars Rx in Leo was apex of a Thor's Hammer to the Moon-Saturn square. Don't know if it is involved in the actual time frame of the event but this aspect would link it into that strong t-square that involves the planets that rule parents and birth and family.

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