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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Approaching, It's All Angular

I'm sort of wigging out over this one. Doesn't help that I have to endure a year's worth of Eclipses on my Sun and Moon.

And Pluto is on my Saturn and squaring my Nodes.

Can we change the word "Angular" to "Angelic?"


Looks like everyone who ever wanted to be somebody is going to be taping explosives into their underwear.

May everyone in the coming year be sitting next to a Dutch Videographer who doesn't readily give out his birthdate.

Have you noticed how this Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction keeps throwing these incredible heros in our faces? We haven't had heros in a really long time so I'm enjoying it (I've got 3 planets in Leo and we really like heros).

There's Sully Sullenberger the way underpaid airline pilot who landed his plane in the Hudson. There's the two lady cops who pulled in that girl/woman who had been abducted in Berkeley. The mighty mouse cop in Texas who shot the shrink. Now there's the super cute Dutch guy Videographer. (Hans Brinker?) I need birth dates, I'm tellin ya.


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