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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Art Before Gucci

I like this blog. Link thingee isn't working so:


It's called "Style Curator." I wonder if it's kept up by a Pluto in Libra. They have such great fashion sense. We Pluto in Virgos lost half our designers to AIDS at a very young age and so our creativity was drastically thwarted early on.

The entry on the blog came off the Wordpress board. It's about how art influences fashion.

I'm sort of hoping that someday something out there will influence art once again to go in a new and creative direction. We've been in an in between phase and we've been there for a really long time.

In the Art and Music History classes I've taken the phases were always presented as cycling between classical and romantic and back to classical and so forth. Western Culture really likes to apply this simple 2 step cycle to absolutely everything. Classical is sort of structured, ordered, serence, mental. This style evolves for about a hundred-two hundred years and then peaks and falls apart (everyone gets bored). There's an in between time, kind of like how TV is now. Then suddenly people start having feelings and the style gets real gushy. Romantic is passionate, chaotic, unstructured. Everyone builds on this influence until that falls apart and then all the artists end up overdoing the emotional thing and committing suicide. This is the phase where all the shrinks move in and force everyone to conform to a shallow level of emotional existence for a while (and then everyone gets bored and hopefully moves on).

As I said there are the weird in between phases in which artists create all kinds of bizarre crap in order to find the new idea. It ought to be an exciting time in which to live. I think that's where we are now. And if I remember correctly we are heading into a Classical phase. That is if Western Art continues.

I've noticed that this type of labeling according to expansive and restrained cycles even informs the way that psychologists have observed the way that children develop. They need to start following the planetary cycles. All of the planetary cycles, not just Saturn. Guess that's difficult for a bunch of authoritarian, structure minded overly corrected Right Coast thinkers (hehehehe).

I personally think that western fashion peaked with Marimekko (sp?), but then again I have no fashion sense and also a big Internet crush on the Finnish Knitting community. (Italian, Japanese, and Estonian knitters aren't half bad either, oh yeah, and then there's the Russians, they must all have big hands like Rachmaninoff, constant reminders that they must have big ideas).

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