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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sanitary Sewer Overflows of The Late Great State of California

The Water Resources Board is filing a little interactive map of places where the "Sanitary Sewers" are overflowing in California. That's so cool.

Since I have a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Venus in Leo/Virgo down in the fourth house of my chart I suppose I'm obsessively freaking out about this problem more than others. What does "Sanitary Sewer" mean anyway? Can we possibly have "Clean Shit?" I didn't know there was such a thing.

At any rate, I think what it means is that the Infrastructure of the State has completely crumbled underground. That's sort of gross in places where people mostly poach and boil their foods but in places where people fry all kinds of firey spices from their homelands it means that everyone gets to bathe in the shit and wash their clothes in it who lives next door. And that's where I am right now. And I can tell you, it's really, really unmentionably gross.

The stuff just doesn't wash away (Saturn-Pluto square?) because the grease has been building up for years or a tree root has clogged the pipes or the pipes are just broken. This is actually great news for the fish who would just keel over dead if these spices ever made it to their gills, so all is not lost. It could be a major reason why the Salmon refuse to swim back up stream.

So, the problem was officially discovered in September, 2004. That was when Saturn was in Cancer, the water sign associated with the 4th House. If the 4th house doesn't flow, then everything associated with it turns to a festering puddle of bacteria. And, well, then the rest of the wheel immediately clogs as well.

Back in that amazing September in 2004 which the Health Departments apparently didn't take seriously Mars was also in Virgo, the sign of Health. Some great master of detail turned his nose up to the air and said "Why does it smell like shit in here?" and then poked around a little and figured out why. God Bless the Virgos. Anyway, California is a Virgo Sun, and Saturn just spent two years in that sign while the Health Departments did nothing but fret and worry about the problem.

And so now we have the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square hanging out in the sky and everyone's saying "Where the Fuck is the Infrastructure?" And even scarier, a lot of people who live here don't know there's an infrastructure and certainly aren't going to get involved with the community at large to fix it. That's not why they came to this country from their homeland, or state (mostly Connecticut, now I know why those folks walk around with their noses up so far in the damn air).

I was in a Borders bookstore the other day and some man was walking his daughter through the store saying "who's cooking food in here?" (Yes, it's that bad). The people who live here are doing nothing about the problem. I think it's an act of territorial blobbiness for them and they like it. They will call it racism. Or they will call it H1N1. I call it terrorism, but I have a Capricorn Moon and was Anorexic for years because of the discomfort of watching women cooking at home all day when I was a kid. Cooking was an unhappy lifestyle choice in the house where I grew up so I don't get it when people continue to make these messes as a political statement.

Funny how this is the area where biotech was born. We're cooking up a storm of bacteria, here, literally. Maybe this is an experiment to see how long a population can go bathing in raw bacteria, grease and spices before the whole place just perishes. It's actually amazing that people are as healthy as they are.

WTF, America?

Anyway, here's the interactive map.

I found a great laundromat up in Fremont that seems to have fresh running water so I'm relieved. This is only a 20 mile drive away.


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And I thought they said Cap Moons are humorless? You have the best astrology blog on the planet. Write more.

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