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Friday, May 21, 2010

Pots of Gold at Ends of Rainbows

Painting Rainbows all over the City of God.

A Dutch firm called Hass&Hahn has transformed a Brazilian slum, at least visually, in order to uplift the community.

This has got to be a manifestation of the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception where Hopes and Dreams play out on a Global Scale.

In addition, Hass&Hahn developed their idea of transforming poverty through "Favela Painting" back in 2006. That means that the Saturn-Neptune opposition between Leo and Aquarius had something to do with this. That aspect is sometimes thought to bring all those Neptunian Fantasies and Compassion for the Less Fortunate down to earth and workable in real time. Just think of all the people who will actually want to visit this area.


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