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Friday, May 21, 2010

World's First Synthetic Cell

The Genome guy, J.Craig Venter has succeeded now in creating the world's first manmade DNA (or, at least that's how I'm trying to understand it). What a great announcement for Science to make while there is a conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Pisces. This will hopefully lead to new forms of fuel, ways to clean polluted water, and even faster vaccines.

There's mention in the article that there is concern over how this new Frankenstein creation could be used for destructive purposes. The astrology shows that there is a need to feel concern over this. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is squaring Pluto and opposing Saturn. The Government (Saturn) is concerned about how much regulation is needed to keep this knowledge out of the hands of idiots. With Saturn and Pluto squaring each other this might be a legitimate concern.

When Saturn and Pluto work together they can show the kind of ruthless energy that is needed to fight pollution. But they can show plain old ruthlessness and a genuine need for strong guidance in the ethics department. Come to think of it I think that Venter has a Saturn-Pluto square in his natal chart.

Kind of a tough day for thinking about ethical issues. The announcement was made on the same day that Wall St. made its biggest crash of the year and a Paris Art Museum suffered one one of the biggest art heists of all time. The Moon was in conjunction with Mars (volatility) and opposing Neptune. And Venus was opposing Pluto (more volatility).

The Aries Point action is unbelievably interesting for bringing news out into the world about giving birth from out of nothing. Venus was at 1 Cancer yesterday. Think of the great Botticelli painting of Venus born out of nothing but foam. This was squaring Uranus 30 Pisces. That's the actual birth degree of the Astrological Wheel. Uranus rules human enlightenment and innovation.

Hmmm, I bet Venter would be a really great psychic if he weren't busy with all the rest of this stuff.

"Scientists say they made world's first synthetic cell" by Lauran Neergaard in San Jose Mercury News, May 21, 2010, p. A6.

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